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“Ice and Snow Study” is a big hit, Jilin has become a popular experience place for winter study

“Ice and Snow Study” is a big hit, Jilin has become a popular experience place for winter study

The craze for winter study travel is continuing to heat up rapidly, and the three northeastern provinces are the most popular study travel destinations this year.

A few days ago, a study tour by Guangxi’s “Little Sugar Orange” not only attracted huge attention from the entire Internet, but also made the excellent study tour resources in Harbin, Mohe, Changchun, Yanji and other cities visible to more people, and “small specialties” across the country rushed to It has also become a new trend for Northeastern people to experience the joy of “ice and snow study”.

Taking Jilin Province as an example, several research groups including Xinjiang’s “Little Grapes”, Shaanxi’s “Xiao Liangpi”, and Fujian’s “Small Fish Balls” have recently arrived in Changchun and spent a wonderful, unforgettable and fruitful research trip. .

The ability to “receive” children from all over the country with wonderful experiences is inseparable from Jilin Province’s emphasis on and long-term layout of the study tour market, as well as the continuous improvement of study tour resources and services, and the continuous strengthening of supervision.

The explosion of the summer study market last year was obvious to all, but the chaos caused by the confusion of market supply and entities also aroused attention and discussion in the industry.Jilin Province has long regarded study tours as an important starting point for developing cultural tourism and stimulating market vitality. It is at the forefront of the country in terms of infrastructure construction of study resources and service awareness and reception capabilities.


  Winter study tour groups “gather up” and flock to Northeast Jilin

The snow all over the mountains and plains is the most profound memory left to the children from the south during their winter study trip to the Northeast. As early as when “Guangxi Little Sugar Orange” visited Jilin, the cute little figure appeared in Vanke Songhua Lake Resort to experience skiing, which made many netizens cute.

Since the beginning of the new year in January this year, driven by the boom in tourism in the Northeast, batches of “small specialties” from all over the country have come to Jilin to start their winter vacation study tour.

Taking Changchun as an example, it has received 223 “little grapes” from Altay City, Xinjiang since January 24, and arranged for them to visit the FAW Hongqi Cultural Exhibition Hall, Jilin University, Jilin Provincial Geological Museum and other places to experience Northeast China. Itinerary to experience the ever-changing industrial development and technological and cultural atmosphere, and arrange activities such as night tour of Songjiang Middle Road, walking into the animal and plant park, and experiencing the new world of ice and snow to experience the unique joy of Northeast China.

A study group of this size has become the largest group from Waifu that Jilin Province has received so far.

In addition to “Little Grapes”, study groups from primary and secondary schools from Fujian, Shaanxi, and China have also arrived in Changchun recently to start their own study tours, go to have fun in the snow, roll around, and have a “game with the snow” “Intimate contact”, eating authentic pot-wrapped pork and stewed goose in an iron pot have become their precious memories of Jilin and even the Northeast.

Before the official start of this year’s winter vacation, in order to enrich students’ winter vacation life, the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has guided local cultural and tourism departments to actively carry out study tourism special themed activities.

Among its three themed series of activities“Into the Forest and Snowfield—Ice and Snow Theme Study and Tourism Activities”That is, Heilongjiang and Jilin are the main experience destinations.

In order to provide corresponding services and guarantees, Jilin Province has“Study on ice and play in snow and enjoy traveling in Jilin”We have planned a number of high-quality study routes for the theme, and have also launched more than 30 preferential measures, including ticket exemptions, travel charters, and special travel train subsidies, just to receive students who come to Jilin for study tours.

In fact, Jilin Province’s emphasis on the development of the study tourism industry did not start with the popularity of ice and snow tourism this year. In the “Jilin Province Tourism Trillion-level Tourism Industry Action Plan” released in 2023,Study tourism is also included in the document as one of the 16 key actions, which gives Jilin solid policy support for greater efforts to develop the study tourism industry. Coupled with its rich tourism resources and profound cultural connotation, Jilin will be a “fertile ground” for carrying out research activities.


  Enrich research resources to support the market’s diversified product supply

Judging from its own conditions for developing study tours, Jilin Province is uniquely endowed.

  First, there are abundant natural resourcesproviding high-quality teaching materials for activities such as animal and plant observation and landscape appreciation during study tours;Secondly, there are many ethnic groups in the province.The rich cultural connotations of the Manchu, Korean and Mongolian ethnic groups provide a favorable guarantee for cultural inspection activities during study tours;In addition, Jilin Province also has high-quality university resources such as Jilin University.It can provide environmental conditions for teaching and scientific research, auxiliary facilities and integrated resource development for study tours.

  Especially ice and snow resources,Jilin Province has ice and snow scenic spots such as Changbai Mountain, Chagan Lake, Songhua Lake, Beida Lake and Changchun Ice and Snow New World, which provide good natural classrooms and excellent practice venues for study tours.

  Let’s look at the construction of study and travel bases.The China Travel Service Association announced the “Announcement on the Review Results of National Study and Travel Bases (Camps) in 2021”. A total of 31 units across the country have passed the review, and 7 units from Jilin Province have been selected. So far, the number of study and travel bases ranks first in the country; from the province’s owned Jilin Province has 107 study and tourism bases, covering history, culture, art, red, folk customs, science and technology, ecology, intangible cultural heritage, film and television, ice and snow, countryside, industry and other diverse themes.

Based on such resource support and base facilities,The supply of study-themed products in Jilin Province is very diversified, and different themed products have distinctive features, a large number of high-quality lines, and are updated and iterated very quickly.

Take the top ten themed study tour routes in Jilin Province announced in early 2023 as an example.Changchun-Jilin-Tonghua-Yanbian “Revisiting the Red History” “Inheriting the Anti-Union Spirit” red study tour route,Students can visit the Northeastern Occupation History Exhibition Hall (Puppet Manchukuo Palace Museum), Hongshilizi Anti-Japanese Base Area (Panshi Anti-Japanese Struggle Memorial Hall), Jilin Wangqing Patriotism Education Research and Travel Base, etc., so as to fully understand and appreciate the difficulty of victory in the Anti-Japanese War.

Also walked throughYanbian Prefecture – Changbai Mountain – Baishan – Tonghua’s “Exploring the Volcano” “Overlooking Changbai” ecological study tour route,You can experience the magnificence of Jilin’s natural scenery and rich flora and fauna at Jilin Province Piyan Mountain Study and Travel Base, Changbai Mountain Scenic Area Study and Travel Base, Lushuihe National Forest Park Study and Travel Base, and Jilin Longwan Study and Travel Base.

There is also a very popular place for students to visitIndustrial study tour routes for visiting China FAW Group Co., Ltd. (First Automobile Manufacturing Plant), Jilin Province Fusong Nongfu Spring Study Tour Base, Changying Former Site Museum, and Daan Motorcycle Expo Park;Can be immersed in the experienceIntangible cultural heritage research and travel routes to Huohong Village, Yidan Town, Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, Chagan Lake Fishing and Hunting Museum, China Korean Folk Garden Research and Travel Base, Baihua Valley Korean Folk Village, and Korean Museum;You can also have an in-depth understanding of Northeastern multiculturalism and visit the Northeastern Ethnic Folklore Museum.China Korean Folklore Park, and the folklore study tour routes of the Grand Guandong Cultural Parketc., all of which make Jilin Province already have outstanding advantages and competitiveness in terms of the richness of research and study products.


  “Jilin Opportunities” under the demand for high-quality study products

After experiencing the explosion of the summer study tour market in 2023, the standardization of industry development and the perfection of market supervision have become the focus of discussion. As far as the development of research and education in Jilin Province is concerned, promoting the standardization of the industry has also been put on the agenda very early.

Judging from the timeline, in 2018, Jilin Province had issued the “Implementation Opinions of 11 Departments including the Jilin Provincial Department of Education on Carrying out Study Tours for Primary and Secondary School Students”. In 2021, Jilin Province’s “14th Five-Year Plan” for culture and tourism also included It is proposed to actively develop new study travel products that integrate cultural experience, technological innovation, knowledge popularization, entertainment and leisure, and parent-child interaction.

By June 2022, Jilin Province has established a special study tour association, which provides a firm guarantee for the continued advancement of study tours.

In addition, the Jilin Provincial Government’s measures to encourage the development of study tourism can also be regarded asComprehensive coverage:

for exampleUnleash market demandencourage kindergartens, universities, middle and primary schools, senior universities and adults in society to carry out research activities;

  Enrich product supplyEncourage scenic spots, rural tourism business units, industrial tourism demonstration sites, social practice education bases for primary and secondary school students, etc. to carry out the construction of study tourism bases (camps) and develop courses and products in accordance with standards;

  Unblock market participantsopen the social practice education base for primary and secondary school students to study tourism institutions and travel agencies;

  Support various regions to carry out the construction and assessment of study and tourism bases (camps) at the city (state) and county (city) levels, and formulate standards.Form a study and tourism base system that meets different needs, and promote the development of market standards according to local conditions.

These measures have pointed out the direction for the standardized development of study tour participants.

Just as study tours are in full swing this winter, Jilin Province once again launched the initiative of “practicing the concept of honest management, optimizing and improving service quality, strengthening safety awareness, enriching study tourism products, and exploring innovative development models”, calling on all market entities to jointly explore A new path for the development of study tourism, improving the quality of study tourism services and promoting high-quality development of the industry.

Under the premise that it can be predicted that the demand for research studies will still be booming in 2024,The good market environment and complete infrastructure provided by Jilin Province must be a destination worthy of attention and deep development for enterprises, with huge potential to be tapped.


  Huge Prospects: There is a lot of potential for study tourism in 2024

From the perspective of development stage, China’s study tourism emerged relatively late and is still in the growth stage, but the study market is growing very fast.

iiMedia Consulting’s “2023 China Study Tour Economic Market Operation Monitoring Report” shows that there will be more than 1,600 study and practice education bases for primary and secondary school students nationwide in 2023, and the market sales are expected to reach 146.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.6%. It is expected that the market size of China’s study tour industry will reach 242.2 billion yuan by 2026.

Looking at Jilin Province, there are 2.18 million primary and secondary school students and 750,000 college students. According to incomplete statistics, more than one-third of primary, secondary and college students participate in study tours in Jilin every year, and the entities and markets are gradually expanding. For Jilin research institutions and enterprises, it is undoubtedly a huge development prospect and opportunity.

Taking the Jingyuetan National 5A-level tourist attraction that was selected as a study and travel base as an example, through in-depth exploration of the unique resources of the scenic spot and conducting studies in four seasons, four high-quality themed study courses have been developed, and it will successfully receive more than 60,000 study tourists in 2023. , more than 30,000 people were trained in winter skiing, and more than 1,000 children skied in the winter camp.

After becoming popular due to ice and snow travel, the scenic spot received more than 300 people from Chongqing, Dongguan, Guangdong, Chengdu, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Guangxi, Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in 2024, greatly increasing the coverage radius of tourists. This also makes it confident in achieving better results in the study business in the new year.

In addition, it is worth noting that because study tours involve both the career attributes of education and the industrial attributes of tourism, study tours have been developing amid controversy, which is also one of the important reasons why it is difficult to standardize. Jilin Province has been trying to find a solution to this problem.

For example inOn the basis of clearly distinguishing the boundaries between undertakings and industries, we should properly handle the relationship between the “visible hand” of the government and the “invisible hand” of the market. In addition to paying attention to the economic benefits of study tourism, we should pay more attention to the “educational” role of study tourism. In terms of content, we focus on the teaching of academic knowledge and the educational goals of specific stages.

  Another example is to vigorously promote the market-oriented development of study tourism through “government guidance, market-oriented operation, and mass participation”.Encourage and integrate social resources, fully mobilize business circles, schools, enterprises and other parties to jointly participate, promote the transformation of tour guides into study tour instructors, help travel agencies transform and upgrade, and hold the first study tour instructor competition with high standards to lead the way to “study travel instructors” “The new trend is to organize high-quality training for study tour instructors and cultivate a group of talents that are urgently needed by the market, etc.

These measures have provided experience and ideas for better and faster development of study tours, and also provided the possibility for more companies to participate in it and seize the dividends. It is foreseeable that with the prospect of a market worth hundreds of billions, Jilin’s study tour market will have great potential.

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