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ICBC Tianjin Hexi Branch and Machang Police Station carried out the “Constitution Publicity Week” publicity activity

ICBC Tianjin Hexi Branch and Machang Police Station carried out the “Constitution Publicity Week” publicity activity

December 1st to 7th this year is the sixth “Constitutional Publicity Week”. The theme of this year’s “Constitutional Publicity Week” is “vigorously promote the spirit of the Constitution and build a socialist legal culture.” In order to actively practice the purpose of party members serving the people, popularize constitutional knowledge, and safeguard the authority of the Constitution, on December 5, the Tianjin Hexi Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Hexi District Machang Police Station went deep into the Machang Street weather community to carry out “Constitutional Publicity Week” publicity and anti-fraud In the knowledge promotion activities, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of ICBC Hexi Branch and the political commissar of Machang Police Station participated in the on-site activities.

At the event site, the Hexi Branch and the Machang Police Station jointly carried out publicity and education on the Constitution, the Civil Code, and the Anti-Telecommunications Fraud Law in a way that was popular with residents. They explained the Constitution in simple terms so that everyone could deeply understand the specific content and spiritual essence of the Constitution. At the same time, a series of promotional leaflets printed by branches and sub-branches were distributed to community residents, and the important parts of the “Anti-Telecommunications Fraud Law” that are closely related to the people were explained to the people present in view of the current severe situation of telecommunications cyber crimes and the high incidence of cases. . Disseminate and publicize prevention methods to residents about fraud routines and fraud methods commonly used by criminals, and call on the public not to be gullible, not to disclose, and not to transfer money. The police comrades interacted with the residents at the scene to ask questions, share and exchange anti-fraud cases around them, and use the people and things around the residents to remind everyone to be more vigilant and guard against being deceived.

This joint publicity activity further improved the risk identification ability and self-protection awareness of the community, and enabled the general public to further understand the importance of knowing and understanding the law, and was well received by the general public. Hexi Branch will continue to enrich the publicity content of legal knowledge, financial knowledge and anti-fraud techniques, continue and regularize the popularization of financial knowledge, continuously improve the people’s financial security awareness, prevent financial fraud crimes, and provide consumers with safer and more reliable services. financial environment. Effectively protect the people’s “money bags” and strive to create a good atmosphere of “national anti-fraud”.

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