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ICBC Tianjin Branch takes multiple measures to improve the convenience of cash payments

ICBC Tianjin Branch takes multiple measures to improve the convenience of cash payments

In order to implement the “Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Optimizing Payment Services and Improving Payment Convenience”, ICBC Tianjin Branch recently launched multiple measures to improve the convenience of cash payments to fully satisfy key customers including the elderly and foreigners coming to China. Group cash demand, effectively playing the role of cash in the field of payment and settlement.

Employees of ICBC Tianjin Guoxin Branch introduce ICBC’s “Coin Purse” service to merchants around the branch

In daily consumption, small-denomination cash transactions are the mainstream. ICBC Tianjin Branch fully investigated the changes in cash demand at its branches, especially small and medium-sized denominations, and launched a special “coin purse” business with convenient exchange and standard packaging at its branches. Customers do not need to make an appointment in advance. They can exchange or withdraw 300 yuan and 500 yuan in two “coin purses” containing small denomination cash of different coupons at the counters of ICBC outlets with cash or personal ICBC account media. The launch of this business meets people’s daily payment needs with cash and change. On the basis of daily counter service providing cash exchange business of small and medium denominations, it provides the public and various business entities with a more standardized and convenient change exchange. Serve.

The neatness of RMB is one of the most important factors affecting its circulation. ICBC Tianjin Branch actively promotes the recovery of damaged RMB, requiring all branches under its jurisdiction to complete the coordinated payment of damaged RMB to the treasury in a timely manner, and in accordance with the standards of RMB not suitable for circulation, increase the recovery of damaged RMB, especially small and medium-sized denominations, to ensure the rights and interests of cash recipients. At the same time, we will strengthen anti-counterfeit currency publicity and management in suburban counties, rural areas and other key areas such as consumer retail, focusing on the three links of “blocking, prevention, and management” to improve the anti-counterfeiting skills of cash practitioners and consolidate the defense line for intercepting counterfeit currency.

In terms of aging-friendly services at branches, the bank is equipped with facilities such as money counting machines and reading glasses based on the business characteristics of the elderly who are accustomed to withdrawing cash. For branches in areas where overseas people come to China with more activities, the bank focuses on those with certain foreign language communication skills. Young employees facilitate exchanges among people coming to China and promote convenient cash services.

In the next step, ICBC Tianjin Branch will assist in promoting regional investigation of cash rejection, based on the grid management working mechanism, continue to carry out publicity and education for responsible grid unit operating entities, inform them that it is illegal to refuse cash, guide the posting of signs supporting cash payment, and strive to achieve All business entities within the grid are covered to help optimize the business environment and better serve society and people’s livelihood.

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