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ICBC Tianjin Branch launched the “3.15” consumer protection publicity campaign

ICBC Tianjin Branch launched the “3.15” consumer protection publicity campaign

  In order to continue to improve the financial literacy of the public, effectively prevent risks, and protect the rights and interests of financial consumersRecently, ICBC Tianjin Branch organized and carried out the “3·15” consumer rights protection education and publicity series with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks”, and achieved good results.

Deeply cultivate the network position and continue to do a good job in hall publicity

  ICBC Tianjin Branch has unified deployment and has more than 300 business outlets within its jurisdiction.The door lintel display screen, floor-standing advertising machine, and smart teller machine continue to play the event’s consumer protection theme promotional slogans and posters, creating a strong event atmosphere.. Each branch makes full use of the “ICBC Station” brand to carry out various consumer protection themed education activities for financial consumers, inviting key groups such as “old people and young people” and new citizens to participate in the experience, and continue to enhance consumers’ sense of gain and satisfaction. .

Strengthen external linkage and actively carry out missionary activities

  On the basis of branch promotion, ICBC branches also actively strengthened cooperation with external institutions and organized personnel to carry out “five entry” activities such as bringing financial knowledge into communities, schools, villages, enterprises, and business districts.By holding lecture salons, small financial knowledge classes, door-to-door services, etc., we actively promote financial knowledge such as eight basic rights, common financial risks, and rational rights protection in accordance with the law to the majority of financial help improve financial literacyand risk prevention capabilities, and enhance awareness of rights protection in accordance with the law.

Enrich online channels and expand publicity coverage

  In order to spread financial consumer protection knowledge more widely and expand the audience of the event, the bank made full use of the official WeChat public account channel to release consumer protection promotional videos and risk warnings with themes such as “Beware of Agent Rights Protection” and “Stay Away from Illegal Rentals and Sales”, citing cases. insurance, to promote and enhance the risk prevention awareness of the majority of financial consumers; organize and carry out online question answering activities on consumer protection knowledge, enrich online activity forms, and continue to increase consumer participation.At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with mainstream media andThe music broadcast of Tianjin Radio and Television Station extensively promoted the theme and slogan of this event and interacted with the audience to drive the concept of consumer protection into the hearts of the people.

  In the future, ICBC Tianjin Branch will continue to thoroughly implement the “people-centered” thinking andDeeply practice the political and people-oriented nature of financial work,We will continue to carry out various consumer protection education and publicity activities to fulfill our social responsibility of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers and contribute more to building a harmonious and healthy financial environment.

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