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ICBC Tianjin Branch launched a series of activities of “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”

ICBC Tianjin Branch launched a series of activities of “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”

In order to continue to improve the financial literacy of the public and effectively prevent financial risks, ICBC Tianjin Branch held the launching ceremony of the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” on September 15, officially launching a month-long educational publicity activity. All 29 sub-branches under the jurisdiction of ICBC Tianjin Branch simultaneously held the launch ceremony of this institution. The person in charge of consumer protection complaints of the branch, the heads of some member departments of the branch’s consumer protection committee, and the head of the Hexi Sub-branch attended the launching ceremony. The 29 sub-branches under the branch’s jurisdiction simultaneously held the launch ceremony of this institution.

  Create a strong publicity atmosphere

  On September 15, more than 300 branches of ICBC Tianjin Branch launched “horse racing screens, smart teller machines, ATMs, LCD TVs, poster machines and other channels on the door lintels.”Gather financial power to create a better life“Unified slogans and event posters for the event. Each branch has uniformly deployed consumer protection promotional materials in its outlets, and created a strong and enthusiastic publicity atmosphere by arranging consumer protection promotional leaflets, activity-themed roll-ups, banners, etc. The sub-branches fully mobilized young employees to In particular, the key personnel of consumer protection play an active role in education and publicity work, innovatively producing high-quality graphic animations, H5 and other publicity works, and publishing them through WeChat, Weibo and other online channels to continuously expand the publicity audience.

  Give full play to the role of outlets

Since the launch of the activity, each branch has used the business outlets within its jurisdiction as the main position, and actively popularized the prevention of counterfeiting and fraud, safe card use, etc. Rational investment and other types of financial knowledge guide the majority of financial consumers to establish healthy and rational investment and consumption concepts, and enhance their awareness of financial risk prevention. The person in charge of the consumer protection complaint work of branches and sub-branches went to grassroots outlets to participate in the activities, communicated and interacted with front-line employees such as outlet managers, customer service managers, and in-store customers, to gain an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs for the popularization of banking and financial knowledge, and listened extensively to front-line employees’ opinions Opinions and suggestions on consumer protection education and publicity work.

  Take multiple measures to carry out publicity

On the launch day, many branches carried out educational and publicity activities by entering communities and business districts. Nan Branch, led by the president-in-charge, went to the Guangming Road community to hold the launching ceremony of the branch’s activities, and worked with the police from Changhong Police Station to popularize financial and consumer protection knowledge for community residents; Xiqing Branch went deep into the local bustling neighborhoods to carry out consumer protection education and publicity activities. Focus on popularizing financial knowledge on preventing telecom fraud, currency anti-counterfeiting, etc. to the special group of “one old and one small”; the Tangjiakou branch visited the surrounding core business districts to popularize network and data security for merchants and enhance their security awareness.

In the future, ICBC Tianjin Branch will continue to do a good job in overall coordination, media publicity, resource guarantee and other work during this education publicity month, promote the whole bank to continuously expand publicity channels, innovate activity forms, enrich activity content, and continue to carry out high-quality Consumer protection education and publicity activities, in-depth practice of social responsibility to promote the positive energy of finance and protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.

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