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ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch won the “2023 Brand Communication Excellence Award”

ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch won the “2023 Brand Communication Excellence Award”

On December 25, the “2023 Financial Industry Brand Ranking Selection” hosted by Tianjin Jinyun New Media Group was announced. In this selection, ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch won the “Brand Communication Excellence Award” for its performance in business development, financial services, public welfare activities, etc. over the past year.

As an annual financial brand event, the Financial Industry Brand Ranking has been successfully held for fifteen consecutive years. It has attracted much attention and attention from the financial industry and has had a wide impact. It has become an important industry event to showcase the development style of Tianjin’s financial industry. .

It is understood that ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch has always adhered to the strategy of “high-quality development”, combined with the government’s “Ten Actions” plan, and continuously improved service quality with the purpose of serving the people of Tianjin and enhancing customers’ financial experience. , launched a series of “health + elderly care” product services, while focusing on people’s livelihood, upgrading the content of the customer rights system, and providing financial services and publicity and education for new citizens and special consumer groups. As of the end of 2023, ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch’s premium income has reached nearly 1 billion yuan, and it is gradually growing into an insurance company deeply trusted by the people of Tianjin.

While its market reputation continues to improve, ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch has also always insisted on serving the people through finance and practicing hard work for the people. It has organized and carried out a series of public welfare activities to serve people’s livelihood throughout the year, using practical actions to give back to the public and fulfill its social responsibilities. Take responsibility. He has successively organized, implemented and participated in the “Love Cube Public Welfare Library” at Xiaoluzhuang Primary School in Ninghe District, Tianjin, the “Running for Love Never Ended” public welfare night running event at Jinwan Plaza in Heping District, and the “Yongming Community” in Hongqiao District. “With Beautiful Children – Safe Little Messenger IP Image Design Charity Competition”, Hebei District Community Service Center, Nankai District Nancuiping Park, Hongqiao District Xigu Park financial knowledge publicity and education activities, etc., for the general public, “one old and one” “Few people” should popularize financial knowledge among employees in enterprises and institutions, such as reminding the public of the risks in financial consumption, guiding everyone to establish correct financial concepts, and improving the ability to identify financial fraud and prevent illegal financial activities and money laundering crimes.

“In 2024, ICBC AXA Tianjin Branch will continue to practice the concept and responsibility of “people’s finance”, unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development based on people’s needs and expectations for insurance, promote the company’s transformation and upgrading, and create a company The new situation of development demonstrates the spirit of ICBC-AXA people striving to serve the people and serving the people. At the same time, a series of financial publicity activities that are popular with ordinary people are carried out to enhance consumers’ trust and satisfaction in the financial industry and provide a better service to the vast number of people in Tianjin. Provide financial consumers with more high-quality, convenient and secure financial services, and contribute corporate strength to Tianjin’s social and economic development and people’s happy life,” said the relevant person in charge of the company.

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