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ICBC-AXA Life won the title of “Best Banking Life Insurance Company of the Year”

ICBC-AXA Life won the title of “Best Banking Life Insurance Company of the Year”

On December 27, the 2023 China Financial Institutions Gold Medal List·Golden Dragon Award List Press Conference was held in Beijing. ICBC-AXA Life won the “Best Banking Life Insurance Company of the Year” award for its outstanding performance in transformation and development and serving the people.

China Financial Institutions Gold Medal List Golden Dragon Award is sponsored by the Financial Times. Relying on the credibility and professional wisdom of authoritative financial media and focusing on the value judgments of experts and think tanks, since its launch in 2008, it has become one of the most influential annual national financial selections.

In 2023, ICBC-AXA will continue to promote high-quality transformation, develop balanced assets and liabilities, significantly improve operating efficiency, effectively manage risks, continue to optimize its operating structure, and continuously highlight its operating value, forming a good industry demonstration and driving effect.

While improving its operations, ICBC-AXA adheres to the principle of insurance for the people, pays close attention to the urgent, needs and expectations of the people, gives full play to the “social stabilizer” function of insurance, and continuously enhances the people’s sense of happiness and gain. The company vigorously develops “Huimin Insurance” with the characteristics of “low threshold, low premium, and high insurance amount”, and has participated in Huimin Insurance projects in many provinces and cities such as Shandong, Shanghai, Fujian, and Hubei. As of the third quarter of 2023 , has covered more than 17 million people, effectively helping to reduce people’s medical expenses and alleviate people’s medical expense burden; in response to the problem of greater risk exposure for new citizen groups, ICBC AXA focused on the life, travel, and employment of different new citizen groups. We constantly innovate products and services to help new citizens “settle down” in the city and better integrate into urban life. Under the guidance of its parent bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the company also carried out the people-benefiting activities of “Supporting Rural Revitalization, Walking Along the Healthy Road” in 5,000 county-level outlets and more than 2,800 agricultural assistance service points, providing free critical illness insurance to county and township residents, providing county Provide financial support to rural residents when they face serious illness difficulties, and contribute financial strength to consolidate and expand the effective connection between poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization.

Looking forward to the future, ICBC-AXA will adhere to the concept of “Finance for the People”, take the party and the country’s key requirements for the insurance industry as the fundamental basis and basic compliance of our work, find a correct position in the multi-level social security system, and satisfy the people. We will make up for our shortcomings in the face of demand, play a role in serving the real economy, unswervingly serve Chinese-style modernization with high-quality development of ICBC-AXA, and constantly create a new situation for the company’s high-quality development.

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