ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch learns from Lei Feng’s spirit and warmly serves the people in Jincheng

ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch learns from Lei Feng’s spirit and warmly serves the people in Jincheng

March 5, 2023 is the 60th National Lei Feng Memorial Day. In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the in-depth study of Lei Feng activities, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch In March, a series of “Learn from Lei Feng to send service” activities were launched to serve the people of Jincheng warmly with practical actions.

Entering the school·telling the story of Lei Feng well

Another spring came, and ICBC service entered the school. From March 3rd to March 10th, 2023, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch joined hands with the Hongqiao District Government Civilization Office and ICBC Tianjin Ninghe Sub-branch to visit Leifeng Primary School in Hongqiao District and Xiaolu in Ninghe District Zhuangzhong Primary School, “talking” Lei Feng with the pupils. By telling small stories about Lei Feng’s colleagues who are helpful and selfless, we can root Lei Feng’s good thoughts, good style, and good character in the hearts of the majority of teenagers, which not only helps them establish their ambition of “learning from Lei Feng and striving to be a good boy in the new era”, but also conveys The power of belief in “patriotism, progress, and role models”. During the period, in order to help the school build a barrier against Influenza A and improve the physical fitness of students, the Tianjin Branch also donated a batch of love epidemic prevention kits, basketballs, footballs and other sports equipment to Leifeng Primary School.

Entering the Community·Learning Lei Feng Thought

During the Learning from Lei Feng publicity month, Zhou Qing, general manager of ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch, led a team to Jindian Garden Community, Nankai District, Tianjin, to carry out public welfare publicity and education services for the elderly, and introduced different financial services to the participating community residents. The features of the product, and the rights and interests that should be paid attention to after purchasing financial products. When it comes to the fact that the elderly are often the targets of criminal gangs and that criminal companies often defraud people of their money, Zhou Qing once again reminded everyone that they must purchase financial products through formal channels and resolutely resist capital preservation and high investment. Beware of the temptation of interest, beware of being deceived, keep your money bag tight, and protect the safety of your property and funds. The elderly people present gave thumbs up after hearing this, expressing their approval.

Enter the countryside and practice the spirit of Lei Feng

Learning from Lei Feng’s good example, I will go first in voluntary service. In order to better serve remote rural areas and practice the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions, the Tianjin Branch has organized staff volunteers to go to Heping Village, Luozhuangzi Town, Jizhou District, Xiyuezhuang Village, Wangkou Town, Jinghai District, and Dazhong Town, Dazhongzhuang Town, Baodi District. Zhuangcun, etc., sent free financial education services to local villagers. During the visits to towns and villages, the volunteers used people around them to discuss risks with the villagers, popularized the knowledge of financial products, and reminded the villagers that if they found that their rights and interests had been violated, they must go to formal channels to protect their rights, and do not trust agents to withdraw insurance, etc. Spread positive energy in society.

The spirit of Lei Feng has rich connotations and irreplaceable value of the times. In order to deeply grasp the connotation of Lei Feng spirit and interpret its value of the times, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch has always insisted on integrating business development and giving back to the society, actively carrying out various forms of voluntary service activities, fulfilling social responsibilities, and using practical Actions convey the power of role models and serve the people of Jincheng well.

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