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ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Claims Case Selected as “Top Ten Warm Claims Cases in 2023”

ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Claims Case Selected as “Top Ten Warm Claims Cases in 2023”

On January 26, under the guidance of the Insurance Society of China, and jointly sponsored by China Net Finance and the Insurance and Economic Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the 2023 Top Ten Warm Claims Cases Press Conference and the Seminar on the High-Quality Development of Insurance Claims Services were held in Beijing. ICBC-AXA Life’s case of “‘Looking for TA’ from all over the world is just for a commitment and responsibility” stood out and was selected as one of the “Top Ten Warm Claims Cases of 2023”.

ICBC AXA Life Insurance adheres to the principle of “people first”, always adheres to the “customer-centered” concept, and continues to build a reputation for “warm claims settlement” services. As early as 2021, it launched the “Zhongli Search TA” service, through searching for long-term For “lost” customers who have not received their maturity payments, we proactively provide claims services for deceased customers. In this award-winning case, when the company’s service staff contacted the customer to collect the maturity bonus, they discovered through multiple visits that the customer had passed away. In line with the company’s service concept of “abide by the contract and make full compensation”, the service staff ignored the epidemic, cold winter, and road traffic. After waiting for harsh conditions, traveling in many directions, and going through many twists and turns, we finally found out about the client’s only beneficiary—an 82-year-old mother who lives in a nursing home. At that time, during the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, the company’s service staff repeatedly coordinated with nursing homes, neighborhood committees, and relatives of the elderly to strictly implement the epidemic protection requirements. It took two weeks to finally meet the elderly and send them caring greetings. He risked infection many times and went to hospitals, public security, neighborhood committees and other departments to assist the elderly in collecting claims information, and helped the elderly receive a claim of 250,000 yuan on the night they applied for claims, bringing warmth to the elderly in their later years. , and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of consumers.

  This case can be selected as one of the “Top Ten Warm Claim Cases of the Year”, which is why ICBC-AXA Life has always insisted onThe original intention is to serve the people and is an epitome of fulfilling corporate responsibilities. In recent years, ICBC-AXA has adhered to the concept of “insurance is the surname of insurance” and has the heart of “insurance for the people”.The company continues to strengthen the implementation of inclusive policies and financial service support, actively participates in welfare insurance and public welfare insurance, and actively responds toMajor disasters and accidents. In 2023, ICBC-AXA Life will provide people-beneficial insurance services to 400,000 people, and donate nearly 6.2 billion yuan of insurance coverage to Yunnan, Hebei, Jiangxi and other places, taking it as its mission to serve people’s livelihood and well-being and protect the good life of customers. . In terms of digital innovation, ICBC-AXA uses technology-enabled services to launch the “One-Hour Quick Claim” service in 2023, creating a full-process intelligent claims system and realizing the leapfrog of personal business claims settlement time from “days” to “hours” , cases were concluded within 24 minutes on average.At the same time, the company alsoAdhering to the service tenet of “abide by the contract and be fully compensated”, we strive for excellence and continue to launch a series of special claims services:“Critical illness first compensation + serious illness prepayment” and “hospitalization advance payment” realize double early payment of critical illness insurance premiums and medical funds, all-roundly alleviating customers’ financial pressure; “seven exemptions and one shortcut” simplify claim materials and let “data run” Instead of “customer running”, “claims settlement assistance” allows service staff to handle claims for customers throughout the entire process, helping the majority of elderly customers solve the problem of the “digital divide”.

In the future, ICBC-AXA Life will adhere to the concept of “finance for the people”, focus on the people’s urgent needs, continue to promote the in-depth integration of insurance and technology, shape a new ecology and new model of insurance services, and satisfy people with warmer financial services. The growing financial needs of the people.

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