I love my family adheres to long-termism and provides customers with high-quality intermediary services

I love my family adheres to long-termism and provides customers with high-quality intermediary services

As a leading company in the real estate brokerage industry, I love my family. Facing the severe situation of continuous decline in investment and consumption in the new housing market across the country, frequent industry risks, and loss of demand to the second-hand housing market, I love my family to adhere to long-termism and continuously optimize the quality of intermediary services. Provide customers with high-quality intermediary services and realize the steady development of the enterprise.

Under the background of “housing, housing, not speculation”, the growth in performance can be achieved because of our insistence on long-termism.

The industry believes that the “simultaneous rental and purchase” model has also entered the “new five years” of continuous exploration and pursuit of high-quality development from the five years of exploration and laying a solid foundation.

As a leading company in the residential service industry, I Love My Home started out as a rental company, and its housing asset management business is developing steadily and leading the industry.

For a long time, this industry has attracted countless capitals to enter the market because of taking advantage of the policies. With the further clearing of the industry, long-termists have also begun to achieve stable growth with their strong operating capabilities.

As of the end of the third quarter of 2022, I Love My Home’s Xiangyu has 259,000 housing units under its management, an increase of 2.8% compared with the same period last year, and continues to maintain its leading position in the industry in terms of scale and various operating efficiency indicators.

While the market is expanding, the renewal rate of the apartment has further increased from the high baseline level. In the third quarter, the renewal rate of the owners rose to 70%, and the renewal rate of the tenants rose to 40.3%. Feedback from the Internet has also further enhanced the competitiveness of the brand in terms of real estate and customers.

Currently, the Xiangyu business covers 15 key first- and second-tier cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Suzhou, Tianjin, and Nanjing, serving millions of tenants.

During the market downturn, long-term rental apartments showed better operational resilience and anti-risk capabilities, played the role of a “voltage stabilizer” for the overall operation of My Love My Home, and maintained a steady growth in various indicators.

In addition, in 2022, the Xiangyu business will establish the business policy of “digital operation and intelligent service management”, increase the level of digital intelligence in the business, and rely on the plan of “digital intelligent service middle platform” to launch the “digital cockpit”, The development and application of digital intelligent products such as the “Small Yuzhi System” actively promotes the continuous improvement of professional quality and operational efficiency.

In addition, I love my family’s business expansion against the market, the renewal rate and the improvement of operating efficiency also benefited from the company’s embrace of change, especially in the construction of digital infrastructure, which is at the forefront of the industry.

In 2018, I Love My Home proposed a digital transformation strategy, and began to use the power of digital technology to improve the level of digitalization in terms of business, enterprise management, and talent training, and to develop in the direction of specialization, standardization, and online and offline integration.

In terms of house search and house selection, I love my family to carry out quality improvement work around the core customer value of digital products and online interactive experience. Especially during the epidemic, digital management has maintained the vitality of the operating system in the core market.

Statistics show that the average monthly active users of the official website in the third quarter exceeded 18.77 million, an increase of 23.1% compared to the first half of the year. The click-through rate of the official website APP and the conversion rate of clues have also increased significantly, and the transaction rate of the intelligently recommended housing listings of “Selected Good House” has increased by about 20%, and the operation level of the Internet platform and online competitiveness have been further improved.

Screenshot of the home page of I love my home APP

At the same time, I Love My Home continues to strengthen its digital capabilities and build a digital organization. On the one hand, the proportion of digital technology staff on the headquarters platform exceeded 75%, and continued to run towards a technology-driven digital organization; on the other hand, through intensive training, the digital literacy of managers and employees was comprehensively improved. Through digital construction, the improvement of operation and management efficiency, the construction of industry norms, and the refinement of service granularity make this road attract more peers. With its outstanding performance in the field of digitalization, I Love My Home won the “2022 China Value Real Estate General Evaluation Annual Value Digital Enterprise”, setting an example for the industry.

I love my family adheres to long-termism, starts from its own service quality, and continuously improves the intermediary service level, which not only promotes the sustainable development of the enterprise, but also drives the high-quality development of the real estate brokerage industry. As the policy environment in the housing transaction market continues to accelerate and improve, I Love My Home will achieve a step-by-step leap in its quality development capabilities, laying a good foundation for its own market competition and performance development.


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