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Hundred-day sprint!China Pacific Insurance’s “Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center” officially opened

  On June 15th, the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022 entered a 100-day countdown, and CPIC’s services also rushed into the “Asian Games time”. On June 14, China Pacific Insurance officially launched the “Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center”.

  Caption: Yu Bin, vice president of China Pacific Insurance, and relevant leaders of Zhejiang Branch of China Pacific Insurance and Life Insurance attended the unveiling ceremony.

The Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center is the centralized position where CPIC’s services assist the Asian Games. It will coordinate the resources of all parties, use scientific and technological means, give full play to the role of on-site command, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive ability of insurance services for the Asian Games.

“Smart + Green” escorts the Asian Games, with nearly 200 dedicated personnel stationed on site

  The “Asian Games Insurance Service Digital Intelligence Command Platform” independently developed by China Pacific Insurance serves as the “smart brain” of the command center,It can realize six functions including early warning of meteorological disasters, on-site service display, reporting and consulting statistics, station personnel tracking, underwriting information summary and claim settlement data statistics. It fully considers the characteristics of the Asian Games “large scale, many venues and wide distribution”, and solves the problem. Problems such as “difficult access to the scene, difficulty in command and dispatch, and difficulty in obtaining information” provide an integrated information basis for daily service monitoring and emergency decision-making during the game, and practice the “Green Asian Games” entity model.

  The command center has an on-site service team and five professional teams including underwriting, claims, legal, information, and logistics. The current on-site service team has nearly 200 people, providing all-round on-site insurance services for key venues such as competition venues and Asian Games Village.

Caption: The on-site service team of Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center conducts data analysis through the “Asian Games Insurance Service Digital Intelligence Command Platform”

Since signing the contract to become the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games in November 2020, China Pacific Insurance has carefully deployed and organized carefully to provide services for Asian Games engineering construction, sports industry development, urban security governance, and sponsors with “responsibility, wisdom, and temperature” In terms of industrial security and other aspects, it provides insurance solutions that are in line with international rules, and builds a security barrier for the Asian Games.

14 types of insurance in 4 major insurance categories, covering full-cycle risk management

Through the research of benchmarking international advanced rules, China Pacific Insurance has tailored a package of “Asian Games Insurance” insurance solutions, involving 14 insurance types in 4 major insurance categories: property, financial loss, liability and personal insurance, and has issued more than 34 billion yuan Property protection, as well as personal insurance covering nearly 110,000 people including members of the OCA family, athletes, technical officials, and staff. In addition, a number of special insurances such as torch relay, horses, e-sports competitions, and network security have been innovated.

Caption: The on-site service team of Hangzhou Asian Games Insurance Service Command Center conducts operational service analysis

In this Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance played the dual roles of insurance service provider and risk management service provider at the same time. The periodic risk management “combination boxing” comprehensively builds the Asian Games risk management service system and creates an industry benchmark. At present, China Pacific Insurance has completed 56 competition venues, 21 independent training venues, Hangzhou Asian Games Village and 5 Asian Games sub-villages, and put forward 382 suggestions for rectification. At the same time, assist venues to carry out emergency simulation drills, and provide special services such as helicopter rescue for the Asian Games.

  Go to the Asian Games about!“China Pacific Insurance Services, Escorting the Asian Games” has started a sprint mode. China Pacific Insurance will continue to focus on the concept of “green, smart, frugal, and civilized” Asian Games, and explore and create a new model of “sports + insurance + health + services”.With a higher position, greater responsibility, and better service, we will make every effort to build a “CPIC model” of insurance services for large-scale international sports events, and contribute to CPIC’s wisdom and prosperity to present a “Chinese characteristic, Asian style, and wonderful” Asian Games event strength.

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