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Huawei’s services cleverly relieve worries, and its warm express delivery is refreshing

Huawei’s services cleverly relieve worries, and its warm express delivery is refreshing

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Recently, calligraphy enthusiast Dr. Zhou came to the Huawei Authorized Service Center (Zhongchang North Avenue, Jizhou, Tianjin) store to present a handwritten calligraphy work to technical consultant Wang Guoxing as a token of praise. The story begins a few days ago.

A few days ago, Guoxing accompanied his family to the hospital to see a doctor. While waiting for medical treatment, Guoxing suddenly found that the people in the queue had stopped. So he curiously walked to the reception room to wait and see. The doctor who received the treatment looked anxious and repeated adjustments. He was holding the computer, “Dr. Zhou was treating everyone, and suddenly the computer got stuck. I couldn’t get into the consultation system. After adjusting it for a long time, it still didn’t work. I called a maintenance technician, but he couldn’t come immediately…” Unable to solve the problem, Dr. Zhou advised the patient to cancel his account in order not to delay the patient’s treatment. Because Dr. Zhou is the young backbone doctor of this hospital, and his medical skills and ethics are well-known, the patients are reluctant to leave. Just when everyone was wondering what to do, Guoxing discovered that the computer used was a HUAWEI MateBook14. So he said: “I am an engineer at the Huawei Service Center in Jizhou, and I happened to come to see a doctor. I heard that there is something wrong with the computer. If it is convenient, I can help.”

Guoxing carefully checked the computer and found that advertisements were popping up “crazily”. Dr. Zhou narrated: “There are always advertisements popping up recently. Just close them. But today, the advertisements suddenly kept popping up and I couldn’t close them.” More and more, the hospital admission system cannot be entered, and other software cannot be used. I have tried various methods to no avail, but there are important doctor-patient data in the computer and I dare not redo the system…” According to Guoxing In the case of the fault, we investigated and screened out the causes that could cause the fault one by one, and finally confirmed that it was caused by multiple third-party software abnormalities. We accurately found the abnormal software in safe mode, uninstalled, debugged, and repaired the computer. Not long after, the reception room returned to its usual state of treatment.

Everyone praised Guoxing for its superb technology and that he is indeed a professional engineer from Huawei. Some patients also came to consult Guoxing for minor problems in using mobile phones. Guoxing enthusiastically helped everyone and explained. Some patients said: “Master is really good.” Okay, how can we contact you if we have any problems with Huawei products in the future?” Guoxing immediately communicated with the friends working in the store, asking for the QR code of the enterprise WeChat, and invited everyone to add the store’s enterprise WeChat so that they can assist remotely in the future. Tell the patient in detail that he can check the nearest service center on the “Service” page in the “My Huawei” App. They are all professional and authorized store staff like him are serving everyone, so they can rest assured.

Dr. Zhou wanted to send a red envelope to Guoxing to express his gratitude, but Guoxing declined. Dr. Zhou said: “Thank you so much today, and I’m even more grateful for having such an excellent staff at the Huawei Jizhou store. I have been using Huawei products, and today I deeply appreciate the warmth, caring, and professionalism of Huawei’s services. Just like us doctors, who work on Huawei products, I would like to write a thank you letter in calligraphy and give it to you to express my gratitude!”

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