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Huawei will not be closed during the Spring Festival. Look for the official service store. Five heart-warming activities will make the holiday more warm.

Huawei will not be closed during the Spring Festival. Look for the official service store. Five heart-warming activities will make the holiday more warm.

As the Spring Festival approaches, in order to ensure users’ device experience, Huawei’s official service stores launch the “Spring Festival Open” campaign to meet users’ equipment repair or other machine needs during the Spring Festival. They have also carefully prepared a series of New Year activities, and will also synchronize The “Thanksgiving Season” event is launched, covering multiple service benefits such as 12% off warranty services, 12% off repair spare parts, 12% off memory upgrades, free appearance cleaning and maintenance services for Huawei equipment, and limited-time discounts on personalized films, allowing users to save money and worry At the same time, I will accompany you to celebrate the New Year with peace of mind!

Huawei services will not be closed during the Spring Festival, and special New Year benefits are waiting for you to enjoy

From February 9 to February 17, 2024, nearly two thousand Huawei service stores across the country will operate normally and continue to provide everyone with professional and secure after-sales services. Huawei’s consumer service hotline 950800 will also remain online, providing 24/7 caring companionship. In addition, in order to allow everyone to enjoy the time together with their families, Huawei’s repair service is still open, with free two-way logistics. In some areas, door-to-door installation of Huawei mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, whole-house WIFI, and smart door locks are also available. Maintenance services allow you to experience professional Huawei services without leaving home.

During the Spring Festival, in addition to normal services, Huawei has also prepared many New Year activities for everyone. After going to the store for repairs, add the store’s corporate WeChat account to get a New Year gift; use the topic #春节不开#huaweiservice, share your service experience on Xiaohongshu/Weibo/moments, and you can enjoy a free film on your Huawei phone. The New Year-limited interactive method adds a unique sense of ritual during the Spring Festival to your service experience.

At the same time, Huawei Service Store is still a heart-warming stop for everyone to relax. When I went shopping during the holidays, I went to a Huawei service store to charge my phone and “recharge” myself at the same time. You can also take this opportunity to clean and maintain your mobile phone. During the event, all brands of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and other electronic products can enjoy free ultraviolet disinfection services; Huawei brand mobile phones can also enjoy free cleaning, testing and maintenance services.

Look for Huawei’s official maintenance holiday guarantee for greater peace of mind

In addition, when users are in a hurry to repair their mobile phones, they may be confused by the low-price advertisements of copycat stores. There are many hidden dangers in copycat repairs, such as unavailable spare parts that damage the equipment, private dismantling and private repairs that affect rights and interests, opaque prices and arbitrary charges, and infringement of privacy. In order to avoid damage to everyone’s rights and interests, it is recommended that you choose official maintenance.

What’s so good about Huawei’s official repair service? The author will give you detailed examples. First, maintenance equipment is more professional. Huawei official services, from maintenance engineers to experience consultants, have received professional training and must pass corresponding exams before they can work. Currently, engineers at Huawei service stores have national smart terminal application repairer certification. In addition to professional engineers, Huawei service store equipment is also very professional. With the support of advanced automation and intelligent equipment, the disassembly yield rate is as high as 99%. However, the maintenance staff of copycat stores work without certificates and have varying abilities. The source of replacement spare parts is unknown, which may cause other equipment malfunctions. Private dismantling and private repairs may also affect warranty rights.

Secondly, spare parts are safer to use. The spare parts used by Huawei for maintenance are all original spare parts with official quality assurance, and the spare parts after repair can still enjoy the official warranty, making use worry-free. Non-original spare parts repaired by copycat shops may also have a negative impact on the overall performance of the equipment. These spare parts have not been officially tested and certified by Huawei. They may cause compatibility issues with Huawei equipment, leading to reduced equipment performance. In severe cases, equipment damage may occur, or even accidents may occur.

Then, the charging standards are more uniform. Through six official service channels, namely My Huawei App, Huawei Consumer Business Service official website, Huawei Terminal Customer Service applet, Huawei Terminal Customer Service official account, Huawei Consumer Service Hotline, and Huawei Terminal Customer Service Weibo account, you can easily Learn about the specific prices for repairing equipment, check stores, service activities, etc. During the Huawei Service Day event, you can enter the store for repairs without labor charges. However, the price and repair process of repair services in copycat stores are not transparent, and there is no unified standard for repair charges. There may be hidden charges, and the specific costs have become “unknown.”

Finally, privacy protection is more secure. For privacy protection, Huawei has developed a “maintenance mode”. When engineers enable this function before repairs, they can isolate users’ private data and ensure consumer privacy and security. During the repair process of copycat stores, we may face the risk of personal privacy leakage and even property damage.

Counterfeit stores are deficient in both the technical level of their personnel and their maintenance support, and may even cause harm to users. Therefore, the author recommends that when choosing after-sales service, you must look for the official website, so that you can truly enjoy the service that saves money and worry.

So let me share with you the following three methods to quickly identify and find official stores. The first method is that the official service store has a prominent Huawei logo on the door, and the door is clearly marked with “Official Authorized Service Center” and “Service Hotline 950800”; Second, there is an official service authorization plate in the store. You can scan the QR code on the authorization plate or pass the authorization code on the official service website. Third, the official service provides formal written certificates such as machine inspection reports, maintenance certificates, invoices, etc. . In this way, you can have peace of mind and easily experience high-end, professional, and warm Huawei official services.

For a long time, Huawei Services has always been consumer-centric, using professional technology and warm services to provide users with a service experience that exceeds expectations. In order to allow everyone to still receive convenient services during the Spring Festival, Huawei services will not be closed during the Spring Festival, and value-for-money benefits are available at any time. Regardless of whether you need a mobile phone or not, look for the official service store. Five heart-warming activities will make the Year of the Dragon warmer and safer.

Note: The addresses and business hours of the 21 Huawei authorized service centers in Tianjin that are open during the Spring Festival are shown in the picture below.


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