“Huawei China Partner Conference 2023” will be held on May 8

“Huawei China Partner Conference 2023” will be held on May 8

In Pengcheng in May, the phoenix flowers are in full swing. The “Huawei China Partner Conference 2023” with the theme of “Gathering together to create aspirations” will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an) from May 8th to 9th. This conference will provide more than 16,000 new and old friends of Huawei from various fields across the country with a stage for face-to-face thought collision, open communication, ability sharing, and self-display, ensuring that each partner can understand more clearly and comprehensively how to communicate with Huawei. Huawei cooperates, develops together, and wins the future together!

After two years, digitization and intelligence have become the key driving forces of economic and social development. Government and enterprise digital investment will also usher in a new round of accelerated growth. Industrial opportunities are surging, and the digital and intelligent future has become our common sea of ​​stars. . The cooperative relationship of “customer + partner + Huawei” has also been upgraded from “unity is strength” to “unity is strength”, and from “hand in hand to overcome difficulties” to “unity makes great achievements”. In 2023, we have entered a new stage of development hand in hand.

To this end, Huawei has set the theme of this year’s conference as “Gathering together to create aspirations and ambitions”. It intends to join hands with more partners to create a competitive “partner + Huawei” system with a common ambition, and make great achievements together. Customers succeed together; it is also intended to meet the various wishes of partners. Whether partners are deepening the digital transformation of the NA market, or serving the digital upgrade of the commercial market and distribution business, with the blessing of “Huawei”, help partners to achieve success and achieve success , to achieve win-win cooperation!

In addition to the new theme of the conference, the main visual of the conference also has a profound meaning. Among them, the main icon is shaped like the word “public”, which complements the theme of the conference, which means that Huawei and its partners are committed to creating value together; at the same time, it represents the three role relationships of “Huawei + partners, customer-centric”, and based on Due to differences in customer needs, market characteristics, and business models, Huawei China’s government and enterprises divide the market into three major tracks: “NA market, commercial market, and distribution business”, aiming to jointly expand the market with partners.

The stable triangular structure and sheet-like superimposed structure, as well as the trend of infinite extension outward, mean that Huawei and its partners work closely together to form a solid partner system; on the other hand, it implies that the energy of Huawei and the partner system will be infinite. Enhanced, amplified, the future is full of hope.

I believe that after seeing this, the majority of old and new friends are already looking forward to this conference. So what are the highlights and highlights of the conference that should not be missed? Next, let me give you a spoiler first:

During the conference, Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei, Director of ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, President of Enterprise BG, Wu Hui, President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Business, Chen Banghua, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, Xu Chao, Vice President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Business, Huawei China Government and Enterprise He Dabing, vice president of corporate affairs, Liu Yong, president of Huawei China’s government-enterprise business business, and Chen Bin, president of Huawei China’s government-enterprise distribution business, will give wonderful keynote speeches, focusing on sharing the latest partner cooperation policies and partner development plans, and releasing the latest products , solutions, and digital platforms, discuss how Huawei can better support the growth of partners in terms of organization, process, and empowerment, and jointly accelerate China’s digital development process.

To undertake the key content of the keynote speech, this conference also set up 100+ sub-forums, including 7 heavyweight summits on education/medical care, supply chain, service, Anping, datacom, industry perception and distribution, as well as rich special speeches And open speeches, so that customers and partners, whether they are concerned about the latest developments and changes in the industry and the industry, or the latest developments in the legion and distribution business, can participate in depth, fully communicate, and then collide with more possibilities.

In addition to the wonderful content of the conference, as one of the highlights of this year’s conference, the exhibition hall of the conference uses the design concept of ternary collaboration to create a multi-dimensional capability matrix, echoing “gathering together, making a difference”, and setting up three major exhibition areas: comprehensive, industry, and industry. With a total area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, its comprehensive and rich display content is worth visiting for every new and old friend in person.

Among them, the “comprehensive area” focuses on “partner gathering and capability sharing”, aiming to fully demonstrate Huawei’s “research, marketing, sales, supply, service” + process IT organization capabilities, and at the same time present the “partner + Huawei” system and comprehensive platform Capability sharing, etc., and specially set up a commercial market and distribution business area, which integrates the strength of partners + Huawei capabilities on the one hand, and facilitates on-site ordering and cooperation on the other; Partner joint solutions and value scenarios are implemented, focusing on the industry’s digital transformation competitiveness around value presentation and business closed-loop, and focusing on NA and commercial market categories, and integrating key products/combinations into value scenarios for display. The “Industrial Zone” fully covers ICT infrastructure, focusing on displaying Huawei’s core, innovative technologies, and product capabilities. It covers 14+ industrial technology zones, and through NA, business, and distribution categories, let new and old friends see Huawei’s main marketable products on the spot. .

This conference also brought a brand-new digital experience to every guest. Including building a “Canton Fair”-style business opportunity platform, launching the electronic business card exchange service of “making new friends” for the first time. More opportunities for communication and cooperation; at the same time, the conference also provides butler-style caring services. Through personalized recommendation of agendas, exhibition halls and other content, each guest can customize an exclusive participation journey, from registration → agenda reservation → check-in → participation → Intimate reminders of the whole journey of post-conference care; in addition, this conference will also use all channels (official website, small program, live broadcast, main conference and forum questionnaire draw, exhibition area navigation screen, sub-forum link implantation, global interactive tasks, etc.) , to collect the voices of multiple types of audiences (partners, customers, project needs, conference NPS, etc.), aiming to make the voices of all old and new friends heard and responded to. Huawei hopes that everyone can provide valuable suggestions, so that we can do better together!

The conference has more than one venue, and there is also a digital world outside the venue

The digital journey provided by this conference is not only inside the venue, but also an equally wonderful digital world outside the venue. For corporate CXOs, for industry and commercial markets, and for new and old friends who are concerned about technological innovation, Huawei has also set up an enterprise digital transformation exhibition hall, a datacom innovation experience center, a storage innovation experience center, a customer exchange center, and Dongguan Stream Back Slope Different visits and exchange tours, such as villages + full-optical model sites, as well as Shenzhen Longgang Smart Operation Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Metro Digital Urban Rail and other sample site visit resources, whether it is to explore new technological knowledge or be exposed to industry digitization In-depth insight into the scene, there is always an unmissable digital journey waiting for you.

At present, digitization and intelligence have become our common opportunities. A single tree cannot make a forest, and a river cannot make a sea. Huawei looks forward to open cooperation with more partners to create a competitive “partner + Huawei” system to help more customers succeed in business. Any partner who is willing to cooperate with Huawei can join this system, share benefits, and win the future of digital intelligence.

“Because of gathering together, everyone will have a promising future”! From May 8th to 9th, 2023, Huawei China Partner Conference 2023, looking forward to meeting and gathering with more new and old friends!

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