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Huang Zitao and Wang Herun get to know “Sweet You” due to “pet” and “Sweetness” is released

Huang Zitao and Wang Herun get to know “Sweet You” due to “pet” and “Sweetness” is released


The weather is cool in autumn, and we need sweet “pampering” to comfort our hearts. On October 3, “Sweet You”, an urban healing light-hearted pet drama that delights “pet lovers” and is full of furry children, was launched on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. The play is produced by Beijing Xile Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xile Culture Media Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., Bodi (Ningbo) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Qingdao Main Melody Cultural Investment Center, and Jiangsu Province Grand Canal Film and Television Industry Fund Co-produced, Zhang Huali, Gong Zhengwen and Mi Da serve as chief producers, Cai Huaijun and Hai Ziqing serve as producers, Zhu Lin and Li Jieying serve as co-producers, directed by Zhou Jiawen, Sha Yuanyuan, Kong Lida, starring Huang Zitao and Wang Herun, with With Tianlin Animal Hospital as the background, it depicts a group of imperfect people with different personalities but with love in their hearts, supporting each other, growing together, and spreading warmth. Among them, the emotional connection between pets and their owners connects scenes of urban heartwarming stories, and the relaxed and healing light comedy atmosphere makes people feel warm and soft. This autumn, let “Sweet You” sweep away all unhappiness and save your life. There is a shortage of food and drama.

  The stupid kid can still be melted when he acts as a matchmaker and Yue Laoba

In “Sweet You”, veterinarian Tian Tian (played by Wang Herun) suffers a sudden family change and is ordered to take over the Tianlin Animal Hospital run by his family. Just when the hospital is facing bankruptcy, Tian Tian accidentally meets Shen Mi (played by Huang Zitao), the president of the veterinary drug company Luchuan Group. Shen Mi also happened to be assigned by his grandfather to complete a one-year mission, so he planned to invest in Tianlin Animal Hospital… The director of the rookie pet hospital met the calm and serious domineering president. The two met for the first time because of the treatment of the dog Carlo. After that, with the help of Maozi again and again, the story of happy enemies working together to heal began…

After watching too many ancient dolls that torture the world and the world, and enough of the suspense of life that is revealed through the fog, the audience is warmed up by a wave of cute pet healing that can easily heal. “Sweet You” features a unique perspective, novel subject matter, and cute pets as the background. It does not require the audience to dig out the cocoons to find the truth, or to fearfully be wary of the screenwriter suddenly “passing the knife”. “Cure” is the basic attribute, and “Cute Pet” is the top “Buff” stacked. It does not follow deep routines, but only follows the path of cute and warm happiness. The pets in the show have different personalities, with either cute or cool temperaments. There is always one of them that can arouse the audience’s desire to “raise pets in the cloud”. Immediately after the show was aired, pet lovers couldn’t help but smile at their aunt on the screen. , watching the hairy kid act as matchmaker and Yuelao, the boss can also be melted.

  Huang Zitao, Wang Herun and veteran actors join top-notch “gathering of gods”

“Sweet You” also has a strong lineup. Huang Zitao’s image of the domineering boss is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time, he plays the role more or less in his true colors – calm and a little childish and cute. The image of “dog crazy man” is inexplicably suitable. Seeing his dog Your face becomes gentle in one second. Wang Herun is really a show-stopper. Compared with previous roles, Tian Tian’s role is full of contrast. She is a righteous and responsible girl who is tough and a little rebellious.

Drug addicts, get ready! The characters in this drama are full and three-dimensional, and the emotional lines of the group portraits are all good. Liu Yichang (Shen Chen), Shen Yao (Han Mengnan), Shi’an (Chen Yifan), Ni Hongjie (Tian Peilan), Li Jiulin (Gu Mingze), Zhang Mian Chen (Tian Yuxian), Tan Yanyan (Wen Jing)… all of them have good looks online, and the old actors who are familiar to the audience are specially provided for their families, Kou Zhenhai (Shen Rongxian), Zhao Longhao (Shen Hongyuan), Hou Changrong (Tian Dongqing) ), Tao Huimin (Lingzhi), Li Hongtao (Han Guannian)… Full-level healing with family warmth. After watching their “Gathering of Gods”, you will know how high the quality of this drama is. With lovers, pets and family, who can not love such a light comedy configuration.

“Sweet You” is a rare urban cute pet healing light comedy. It tells about love, friendship, family affection, and the cross-species love between human pets. It is full of healing feeling. The plot is also addictive, so watch Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV and start raising pets in the cloud together from October 3.

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