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Huagui Insurance Hebei Branch went to the “Special Education School” to promote legal education

Huagui Insurance Hebei Branch went to the “Special Education School” to promote legal education

In order to actively respond to the call of the regulatory authorities, Huagui Insurance Hebei Branch carried out various “3·15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks”. On March 8, Huagui Insurance Hebei Branch, together with Sino-British Life Insurance Hebei Branch, BoCom Life Insurance Hebei Branch, and Guohua Life Insurance Hebei Branch, went to Shenzhou Special Education School to tell the children how to protect their legal rights. rights and interests.

Every beam of light is meaningful because of its warmth. In order to carry out this activity, the staff communicated with the teachers of the special education school in advance and understood the children’s situation. Since most families have difficult conditions and have certain defects, they specially targeted the children’s favorite dolls, school supplies, and sports. supplies and daily necessities to donate, and at the same time, a warm “Consumer Rights and Interests Class” was explained to the children. It is hoped that this explanation and the “gifts” brought to the children can effectively help the children establish their awareness of protecting their rights and interests, and let the children feel the warmth and care of the insurance and financial enterprise family.

According to the teacher at the special education school, children in school have defects and obstacles in speech and intelligence. Compared with their peers, a knowledge point needs to be explained more times and with more patience. The staff will prepare in advance according to the children’s situation. We prepared a “warm” small class on protecting rights and interests, and repeatedly played the cartoon animation video “Personal Information Should be Protected, Keep Security Awareness in Mind” for the children. The staff patiently explained what personal information is in conjunction with the animated video. How to protect personal information and improve security awareness in daily life. The small interactions in the classroom deepened the children’s memory. The children enthusiastically answered the questions and also strengthened the establishment of self-confidence. I hope to leave a warm and warm feeling for the children. The memory can really help children improve their awareness of information security protection in daily life.

Taking love as the starting point and carefully protecting the healthy growth of teenagers and children, Huagui Insurance Hebei Branch will continue to popularize financial knowledge, promote the responsibility and responsibility of insurance love, and protect consumer rights throughout the entire life cycle.

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