Huabao New Energy & Wu Xiaobo Channel jointly released “2023 Global Portable Energy Storage Industry Insights”

Huabao New Energy & Wu Xiaobo Channel jointly released “2023 Global Portable Energy Storage Industry Insights”

“At present, China is the largest producer of portable energy storage equipment in the world. Under the expectation that the market demand will continue to increase, product innovation and upgrading and brand value building will become the two major development directions of portable energy storage in the future.”

Recently, based on the analysis of relevant reports on the global portable energy storage market and the current industry development pattern, Huabao New Energy, a global leader in portable energy storage, and Wu Xiaobo Channel released the report “2023 Global Portable Energy Storage Industry Insights” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) ). The “Report” makes an in-depth analysis of the current global portable energy storage market structure and development trends, and puts forward valuable views on the future development of the industry.

The “Report” shows that in the context of global energy transformation and upgrading and the rapid penetration of outdoor lifestyles, a series of consumption scenarios such as camping equipment and camping black technology will continue to explode in 2022, and the market demand for portable energy storage at home and abroad will “blowout”. Can be expected. At the same time, events such as frequent global natural disasters have triggered an upsurge in outdoor, emergency, and off-grid electricity consumption, and anxiety about off-grid electricity consumption has also spawned a boom in the portable energy storage market. Under the global dual-carbon consensus, as off-grid backup power, portable energy storage has gradually replaced traditional fuel-fired generator products, and has become one of the main growth points for global consumption after the epidemic.

  worldwidePortable energy storage market has broad prospects, Huabao New Energy continues to lead

With many advantages such as green and pollution-free, safe and portable, easy to operate, no noise, large capacity, high power, simultaneous output of AC and DC, and wide adaptability, portable energy storage accurately “snipes” the power demand market in the new low-carbon era Consumer pain points.

Judging from the prospects of the portable energy storage market, its market size has risen alarmingly. The “Report” shows that from 2017 to 2021, the global market size of portable energy storage power has risen from 120 million yuan to 11.13 billion yuan, which has increased by about 93 times in 4 years, and the compound annual growth rate has reached 210.3%.

According to the forecast of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, the global portable energy storage power supply market will continue to grow from 11.13 billion yuan in 2021 to 88.23 billion yuan in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 51.3%.

It is worth noting that in 2021, among the top five global portable energy storage companies in terms of market share, four of them are Chinese companies, among which Huabao New Energy has outstanding performance.

As the first portable energy storage company listed on the GEM, Huabao New Energy has been deeply involved in energy storage, a track that pursues high-quality development since its establishment in 2011, and has successfully created Jackery portable energy storage and Geneverse home energy storage. The two global brands have business coverage in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. As of June 2022, the cumulative global sales of its portable energy storage series products have exceeded 2 million units, ranking first in the world in both sales volume and market share.

  The Chinese market has great potential for development,Portable Energy StoragePenetration rate continues to increase

According to the report, the market demand for portable energy storage will continue to show an upward trend. The basis is that in recent years, consumers’ enthusiasm for outdoor activities has been increasing day by day, outdoor sports have flourished, natural disasters have occurred frequently and other factors have continuously increased the market demand for portable energy storage devices, driving the portable energy storage market from its inception into the outbreak period.

In terms of different markets, as the protagonist of off-grid power supply, the current main markets for portable energy storage are mainly European and North American markets. The “2021 North American Camping Report” shows that in 2020, the number of families camping at least once in North America is about 48.2 million, and outdoor electricity becomes a must.

Compared with the demand in the North American market, the Chinese market has great potential for development. According to the “Outdoor Sports Industry Development Plan (2022-2025)” jointly issued by the State Sports General Administration and other eight departments in November 2022, it is estimated that by 2025, the total scale of the domestic outdoor sports industry will exceed 3 trillion yuan. With the increase of leisure methods such as camping and RV travel, the penetration rate of the portable energy storage market will also continue to increase.

The “Outdoor Sports Industry Research Report: Outdoor Sports Five Questions and Five Answers, Unlocking the New Lifestyle of the People” released by Zheshang Securities in 2022 also shows that after 2020, the domestic outdoor industry will usher in rapid growth, especially emerging games such as exquisite camping The popularity of camping continues to rise, and consumers are more and more willing to pay for high-quality outdoor equipment. The sense of ceremony, atmosphere and personalization have become one of the important evaluation factors for consumers to choose camping equipment or camping sites. Since exquisite camping is usually equipped with catering systems (stoves, coffee machines), entertainment systems (audio, projectors) and lighting systems (camping lamps, ambient lights), etc., the demand for outdoor electricity from Chinese consumers has surged, and the market space is huge.

At the same time, the “Report” pointed out that many Chinese consumers currently have low awareness of portable energy storage. According to data from industry organizations, when Chinese consumers purchase portable energy storage products in 2022, the top two most important elements are brand awareness and price, rather than more practical factors such as product functions, performance, and safety. This means that when purchasing portable energy storage equipment, many domestic consumers still lack the ability to judge whether the product is cost-effective or not. At present, among the portable energy storage brands in China, Jackery is relatively more familiar to consumers.

It is noteworthy that, as the core component of portable energy storage, portable energy storage devices can be divided into the following three categories according to the different charging capacity of the battery pack, and are suitable for different application scenarios.

  Portable energy storage outlets have arrived, and Huabao New Energy is moving forward steadily

Finally, the “Report” summed up two industry development logics from the market demand side to the supply side of portable energy storage: First, the prospect of the portable energy storage market is broad. Second, China is not only the world’s largest manufacturer of portable energy storage equipment, but also has global industry leaders. In the context of the continuous expansion of the global market, leading enterprises will not only enjoy the first-mover advantage, but also represent the trend of the industry to a certain extent.

Taking Huabao New Energy as an example, while benefiting from the rising demand in the global market, it has gradually established a global brand awareness through the full exploration of its own brand characteristics and precise control of global mainstream marketing channels. It has a higher brand premium and stronger profitability.

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The picture shows the changes in the popularity of the jackey brand under Huabao New Energy from 2019 to 2022. With the influence of the concept of green energy saving and external factors, its volume continues to rise.

On the track of portable energy storage, companies with innovative advantages such as global brand influence, technology and channels can go further.


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