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Hu Ge: Working with Wong Kar-Wai is like falling in love, you feel at ease when he is there

Hu Ge: Working with Wong Kar-Wai is like falling in love, you feel at ease when he is there

“I have been exposed to director Wong Kar-wai’s works since middle school. I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet him, let alone appear in his works. This time filming “Flowers” was like a dream.” During the interview, Hu Ge said with a smile.

“Flowers”, currently being broadcast at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Xingfu Theater, is the first TV series directed by Wong Kar-wai, in which Hu Ge plays the leading actor Po. Focusing on this drama, Jiangsu Satellite TV has specially launched a new drama series “Lizhi Drama Guide”. In order to give the audience a better drama-watching experience, the film crew of the program went to Shanghai many times for filming and conducted special behind-the-scenes interviews with the main actors Hu Ge and Ma Yi? “Lizhi Drama Handbook” will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV every Sunday evening starting from January 7.

  When I first came into contact with Wong Kar-wai in 2017, I imagined one person playing the three roles.

In 2017, Hu Ge met Wong Kar-wai for the first time. Recalling the scene at that time, he said with emotion: “At that time, I received a call saying that Director Wong Kar-Wai wanted to meet me. When I arrived at the appointed place, I saw Director Wang wearing his iconic sunglasses. To be honest, I was very nervous at the time. Because I have loved watching Director Wang’s works since middle school, and he is my idol.”

That day, Wong Kar-wai and Hu Ge talked a lot about their views on the novel “Flowers” and Hu Ge’s own growth experience. “Director Wang first considered me to play A Bao. Later, at one point, he wanted me to play three roles, Hu Sheng, Xiao Mao and A Bao at the same time. Because at that time, someone watched my performance in the play “A Dream Like a Dream” “I felt that I could see many faces of me on the stage, so Director Wang came up with this plan.”

The idea of ​​one person playing three roles is just a “flash in the pan.” In the end, Wong Kar-wai cut out the complex and simplified it, choosing only Po as the core character. This also allowed Hu Ge to concentrate on returning to Abao’s world.

In order to play this role well, Hu Ge, and even the entire crew, were fully prepared. “Before we officially joined the group, we had a three-year preparation period. Under the leadership of Director Wang, we collected a lot of information about that era and invited experts in stocks and ‘old masters’ from foreign trade companies, etc. As the ‘brain force’, I provide guidance to the crew at any time. Before filming starts, the actors also arrive early and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the 1990s.”

The atmosphere of the times created by Wong Kar-wai also evoked Hu Ge’s childhood memories. For example, the 1:1 restoration of the Yellow River Road in the play made Hu Ge quite emotional: “Although I have never eaten on the Yellow River Road, I have passed by the Yellow River Road, and the Yellow River Road in my impression is just like the one shown in the play. That way, the neon red is eye-catching and the flowers are like a sea.”

  Working with Wong Kar Wai is like falling in love and always provides emotional value

This is Hu Ge’s first collaboration with Wong Kar-Wai. In his opinion, this cooperation is more like falling in love. “You will be very nervous and uneasy at the beginning, always wandering between confidence and unconfidence. Slowly you will find that as long as he is around, you will feel at ease, much like falling in love.”

The drama “Flowers” was filmed for a total of three years. The long cycle also affected the emotions of the actors, and Wong Kar-wai provided stable emotional comfort. “After the filming, everyone was on the verge of collapse, and there was a lot of pressure in all aspects. But looking at Director Wang who was energetic and meticulous on the set, and seeing him go back to meetings and write scripts after filming every day, everything… The tiredness disappeared instantly and I felt like I could do it again.”

In the play, Abao has many rivalry scenes with Lingzi (played by Ma Yi?), Miss Wang (played by Tang Yan), and Li Li (played by Xin Zhilei).

In Hu Ge’s view, the relationship between Lingzi and Abao is that of Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie. “Abao is Zhu Bajie, and Lingzi is Sun Wukong. He is always at the front to overcome obstacles for Zhu Bajie, letting Zhu Bajie enjoy the fruits of his labor.”

Miss Wang and Abao are talking about the relationship between the second hand and the minute hand: “Do you think the second hand and the minute hand meet once every 60 seconds? Wrong. It’s 61 seconds. Because when the second hand makes one revolution, the minute hand has already moved forward one frame. But In fact, it’s not 61 seconds, it’s a little longer than 61 seconds, because when the second hand moves for another 1 second, the minute hand moves forward a little bit. So the intersection between the two of them is always farther than everyone thinks. “

As for Abao and Li Li, Hu Ge believes that they are like the sky and the sea, mirroring each other and full of mystery. “The sky and the sea are very far apart, but when you watch the sunrise and sunset, you find that they are connected together, seemingly separated.”

  “Flowers” interprets the story of his father’s generation. Wong Kar-wai hopes that I can regain the feeling of Li Xiaoyao.

For Hu Ge, “Flowers” is a pursuit of the memories of his father’s generation and a complement to his imagination of the past years.

“”Flowers” tells the story of my parents’ generation. I have been interested in my parents’ growth experience since I was a child, but every time I try to understand them, I always feel that there are some things they are unwilling to say. , I even don’t want to recall it. So when I saw “Flowers”, I was immediately attracted, and it felt like I was learning about the past of my parents’ generation in another way.”


“Flowers” tells a story in the 1990s, when Hu Ge was in elementary school. “It is very limited to see the changes of the times from a child’s perspective. But I later recalled that the adults at that time were very busy. Like my father, he was also doing business with a group of friends at the time, trying to go through his own efforts. Life has changed, and I have very little time at home. Sometimes I hear my parents talking about people around me who have become rich overnight. Just like the narrator in our play said, some people become rich overnight, and some people lose it in half a day.”

Wong Kar-wai once suggested that when performing Ah Bao in Hu Ge, he should have the same feeling as Li Xiaoyao: “I believe that in that era, there were many young people like Ah Bao. They wanted to seize opportunities in the wave of the times and through their own efforts Change your destiny and your life. But after experiencing the ups and downs, you will find that the most important thing is love and justice.”

In the latest plot, the relationship between A Bao, Ling Zi, Miss Wang, and Li Li has undergone new changes: due to lying about the price of earrings, the relationship between Ling Zi and A Bao has a rift; Miss Wang risked her life to save her but was in a car accident, leaving A Bao Bao was deeply moved; Po helped Li Li resolve the crisis in Zhenyuan, and the relationship between the two became closer. What kind of changes will come in the relationship between Abao and the “Three Golden Flowers”? At 19:30 every night at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater, go to an appointment with “Flowers”!


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