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HP lamps are as low as 40% off.’s purchasing and selling live broadcast room has the lowest price for industry exploration.

HP lamps are as low as 40% off.’s purchasing and selling live broadcast room has the lowest price for industry exploration.

Industrial belt products have become popular among the public in recent years due to their affordable prices and reliable quality supplied directly from the source. In line with consumers’ preference for high-quality and cost-effective products,’s home decoration season will start at 8 pm on March 10, in conjunction with the Changge Bathroom Cabinet Industry Belt, Foshan Ceramics Industry Belt, Zhongshan Lighting Industry Belt, Yongkang Hardware Industry Belt, etc. Merchants from dozens of industrial zones across the country bring millions of high-quality products at low prices from the source. Focusing on popular home decoration styles such as cream style and simple style, not only successfully launched multi-style bathroom cabinet combinations as low as 488 yuan together with industry leaders, but also offered extreme profit sharing through live broadcasts of factory tours, bringing eye-protection lamps to popular models at low prices. Benefits such as up to 40% off and 40-30% off on new products fully meet consumers’ diverse demands for improving their quality of life.

  Optimize costs + tens of billions of subsidiesWill858Yuan bathroom cabinet “bargained” to 488Yuan

Odinu Sanitary Ware, which comes from the Changge bathroom cabinet industry belt in Xuchang, Henan, has grown into a top brand in the industry belt with the support of’s operations team. With the popularity of cream style in the past two years, based on the consumption data analysis of bathroom cabinet usage scenarios, found that the search volume of the three keywords “smart”, “integrated” and “cream white” reached more than 70%, and purchase 68% of consumers buy products in the price range of 799 yuan to 1,299 yuan, and it is recommended that Odinu follow the trend and create low-priced hot products that exceed consumer expectations. The two parties communicated repeatedly and carried out multiple cost optimizations in the supply chain including raw material procurement, production process, logistics and transportation. Finally, the price of new products was reduced by 100 yuan, and a new pearlescent white smart bathroom cabinet was launched for 658 yuan. The turnover increased month-on-month in the 3 months after its launch. 200%, with a favorable rating of 99%.

In order to prepare for the start of Jingdong’s home improvement season, Jingdong caters to consumers’ personalized needs for bathroom cabinets and prepares in advance with many Changge bathroom cabinet industry leaders such as Odino, Lianpai, and Yileya, through various methods , successfully “cut” the price of integrated bathroom cabinets to 488 yuan, creating a new low price in the category. Among them, Odinu’s spring new product, cream-style smart integrated bathroom cabinet, is priced at 488 yuan, and comes with free delivery and installation services. Users who do not need installation can also get an additional 60 yuan back, making the price as low as 428 yuan. Yuan. Lianpai and Yileya have significantly reduced procurement costs through technological breakthroughs in nano-rock integrated basins at the source of production, and with the blessing of’s tens of billions of subsidy activities, they have also successfully reduced the original price from 858 yuan to 488 yuan, and launched free shipping to your home. Insurance, free pull-out set worth 198 yuan and other additional benefits, allowing consumers to enjoy the ultimate cost-effectiveness of saving money and worry.

  Joint purchasing and selling live broadcast room to release big pricesPopular eye protection lamps are as low as 40% off

Eye protection lamps have been a hot trend category in recent years. Relying on its advantages in user insights, merchant operations, logistics and distribution, etc., has established a deep strategic partnership with the Zhongshan Lighting Industry Belt. Not only has it jointly released products that are higher than the new national standard The required “Jingdong Healthy Lighting Standard” has also opened the Zhongshan Lighting Lighting Museum online, which has attracted more than ten leading brands in the Zhongshan lighting industry, such as TCL, HP, and Gujia, to set up shop and help it achieve rapid growth. During last year’s 11.11 event, HP launched in’s purchasing and selling live broadcast room with a 50% discount on its full range of products and included installation, setting a new sales high and ushering in a huge wave of “increasing fans”.

During the start-up season of’s home decoration this year, in order to bring consumers a richer variety of lighting products and real benefits, HP will once again appear in the start-up season special session of JD’s purchasing and sales live broadcast room on March 11, offering limited edition 40% off all series of goodies. , and is equipped with a 24-hour ultra-fast renewal service, allowing consumers to replace new lamps quickly and efficiently. Under the active promotion of’s procurement and sales, Xilinmen, a high-quality merchant in the industrial belt, also offers new products such as long eye-protecting restaurant chandeliers to consumers at a special price of 60-30% off; there are also industries such as Chenke, Osram, and Four Seasons Muge. With the brand, we jointly select hot products and new products with the ultimate quality-price ratio, and bring exclusive benefits such as red envelopes for good start-up.

In addition to cooperating with factories in industrial belts across the country to bring millions of good products at source prices, has also joined hands with major brands such as Jomoo, Wrigley, Lin’s Home Furnishings, and Mousse to launch special discounts of up to 50% off during this start-up season for home decoration. Consumers can open the JD APP and search for “source price” to go directly to the venue and enjoy rich benefits such as 0.1 yuan for faucets and 800 yuan for free when depositing 14,988 yuan on a JD home decoration stored-value card, renovating their ideal life efficiently and affordably.

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