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How to get the best deals on Tmall Double 11 this year? Look for the “lightning sign”!

How to get the best deals on Tmall Double 11 this year? Look for the “lightning sign”!

Tmall Double 11 pre-sale will start at 8pm on October 24th.

The reporter learned that this year’s Tmall Double 11, on the basis of the 50% off cross-store purchase of 300 or more, will launch official direct discounts and instant discounts on a large scale for the first time. There is no need to put together an order, just one discount. It is expected that more than 80 million products will be reduced to all Lowest price of the year.

The latest and trendiest products are also gathered on Tmall Double 11. The number of products, brands, and merchants participating in Tmall’s Double 11 event this year continues to hit new highs, and sufficient new products and popular items are prepared for consumers to ensure that they are “in stock!” at the critical moment. Among them, 46,000 overseas brand merchants and 1 million rare and trendy goods, including limited-edition sneakers, top-level co-branded models, trendy collectibles and celebrity-limited models, are ready to go. Consumers can not only get affordable purchases on Tmall Double 11, but also enjoy their purchases.

How to get the best deal? It is enough to remember the following two important points.

1. Look for the “lightning mark”:

This Double 11, discounted products have very conspicuous lightning logos. Products marked with “Official Immediate Sale” are basically the lowest priced products throughout the year; products marked with “Network Low Price” are products with real-time dynamic price comparisons across the entire network, ensuring lower prices on the Tmall platform during the same period. There is no need to put together an order for the products with these two marks. One item will be discounted. As long as you see the lightning mark, you can close your eyes and rush.

2. Remember to receive the red envelope before payment:

This year’s Double 11 will issue the largest red envelopes and coupons in history. Remember to go to the following places to get them:

(1) 88VIP large-value coupons: 88VIP large-value coupons with a total value of 20 billion will be issued during Double 11 this year, which can be used in conjunction with other discounts. This is also the most anticipated coupon for Double 11 consumers every year. 88VIP users can also use Huabei to pay for interest-free installments when purchasing goods with a unit price of over 100 yuan, which is very cost-effective when buying large items.

(2) Taobao Live Red Envelopes: Taobao Live has teamed up with 18 anchors and more than 100 super big names to send out another 1 billion red envelopes in the live broadcast room, which can be collected by watching the live broadcast.

(3) Brand member red envelopes: Brand merchants have also prepared 1 billion red envelopes for their member users. It is cheaper to become a member and buy more.

(4) Interactive game red envelopes: There will be interactive games on Taobao every Double 11, which is also an annual social peak between many consumers and friends. This year’s game is “Fantasy Island Story”, and a total of 1 billion red envelopes will be distributed. You can take the red envelopes while playing.

In particular, all tens of billions of subsidized products on Taobao promise to “pay the price if you buy it.” If the purchase is expensive, the platform will compensate the price difference in equal amounts in red envelopes, so you can buy with confidence throughout the process.

In terms of time, consumers can still buy two waves this year: the first wave is from 8 pm on October 31 to November 3, and the second wave is from 8 pm on November 10 to November 11. All you shopping carts are ready.

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