How to choose a second-hand cost-effective projector?Guide to buying and avoiding pits for second-hand projectors

How to choose a second-hand cost-effective projector?Guide to buying and avoiding pits for second-hand projectors

  I want to buy a high-end projector, but the price of a high-end flagship projector is generally unacceptable to consumers, especially for living at home, which requires careful planning. Spending 6, 7, or even tens of thousands of yuan to buy a projector feels unreliable. So many consumers want to save costs and choose to buy second-hand projectors, but are second-hand projectors worth buying?

1. Are second-hand projectors reliable? Listen to the advice of insiders

Generally speaking, consumers are not advised to buy second-hand projectors. There are a lot of refurbished projectors, fakes, and shoddy products in second-hand projectors. Xiaobai who doesn’t understand projectors can easily be deceived.

The following points must be noted-

  1,Be careful of low brightness and color cast. Pay special attention to the old light bulb machine. After using the light bulb for a period of time, the brightness of the light bulb will decrease significantly, and the quality of the projection picture will also deteriorate. Not only the image becomes unclear, but also the color performance is not as good as before.

2. Be careful of loud noise and poor heat dissipation. Some projectors may have accumulated dust on the fan due to long-term non-use. The fan has dust and noise when it is running.

3. Be careful that the bulb model is too old. If the date of launch of the light bulb machine you bought is earlier, it is very likely that the light bulb model is relatively scarce, and it is even difficult to find a suitable light bulb model, and the gain outweighs the loss.

4. Be careful with refurbished machines. In the second-hand market, there are many second-hand home appliances that are seriously “over-aged” in service, and many of them are scrapped home appliances that have been purchased. They are simply repaired and sold again, which is the so-called “refurbished machine”; some are refitted privately. , or the date has been changed, it is still difficult for ordinary consumers to identify.

5. Be careful to buy expensive. Some projectors have dropped in price very quickly. Two years ago, the price was still around 6K, but the current price is only around 4K. It would be very unfair to the current consumers to determine the price of the machine based on the price at that time.

6. Be careful that there is no after-sales guarantee. Many second-hand projectors may have passed the warranty period. If the product is broken, you have to pay for repairs yourself.

  two,What should I pay attention to when buying a second-hand projector?

The following points can help you increase the probability of choosing a good second-hand projector——

1. When purchasing, focus on the parameter configuration of the projector and the sales situation in the market. It is recommended that you look for some projector products with a high value retention rate to buy.

2. Buy second-hand projectors through formal channels. These places have formal purchase procedures, and there will be no joint troubles.

3. Choose a well-known brand projector. It is undeniable that the probability of problems with second-hand projectors is much greater than that of new projectors. Once the projector needs to be repaired in the future, accessories are easy to buy, maintenance is convenient, and the price is transparent.

4. When you get the actual projector, you must first experience it carefully. Try to try all the functions of the projector, test the switch of the projector, the screen of the projector, and the projection of the projector to see if it is easy to use.

Inspection process——

? Check the product number: consult customer service for verification

?Check the function keys: whether the on/off key and the volume key are sensitive and normal

?Check the screen: sharpness, brightness, whether there are unknown spots on the lens, etc.

? Check for bumps: identify by identifying the appearance

? Check out other features: autofocus, auto keystone correction, AI voice control, and more

  three,4 must-see performance parameters when buying a second-hand projector

If you want to buy a second-hand projector, it is best to choose with the help of professionals, or do a good job in the strategy to understand the product before you buy it. The interpretation of the following four major performance parameters must be kept in mind——

1. Projection light source:

Bulb light source-mainly use high-pressure mercury lamp or xenon lamp as light source, and most of the traditional projectors use light bulb as projection light source.

Advantages: high brightness, good color, mature technology; Disadvantages: short life, severe heat, and short future development prospects.

LED light source—that is, light-emitting diode light source, is a cold light source, and is the main projection light source used by smart micro-projection at present.

Advantages: long life, energy saving and environmental protection, strong stability, cheap price; Disadvantages: insufficient brightness, weak light resistance.

Laser light source——is a light source that uses the photoelectric effect to make excited particles emit light under the action of stimulated radiation. It is the future development direction of projectors, and smart micro-projectors gradually begin to use this light source.

Advantages: high brightness, good color, low energy consumption, strong stability, long life; Disadvantages: high cost.

LED light sources are currently used by the main projectors in the market. Friends who are limited by budget can also enjoy good picture effects by choosing this type of light source.

2. Lumens of brightness:

The brightness standard of a projector must be based on ANSI. What is ANSI? ANSI lumen is a method for measuring the luminous flux of a projector specified by the American National Standards Institute. In theory, the higher the ANSI lumen, the higher the brightness of the projector, and the corresponding projector The price is also higher.

When you want to project a 100-inch screen——

In a completely dark environment, only a projector with 500 ANSI lumens is needed; (the price of the projector is below 1K)

When there is only weak light, a projector with 1000 ANSI lumens can be satisfied; (projector price 1K-3K)

When you turn on all the lights in the living room, you need a projector with 2500 ANSI lumens. (Projector price above 4K)

The environment at home at night does not require a high brightness value for the projector, so you don’t have to blindly pursue high brightness.

3. Display chip:

There are four types of DLP display chip sizes: 0.23DMD, 0.33DMD, 0.47DMD, and 0.65DMD. Still choose 0.47DMD, 0.33DMD size.

4. Display technology:

The display technology of projectors worth around 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan is 1LCD, the smart projectors above 2K yuan are generally DLP display technology, and the traditional light bulb projectors with tens of thousands of yuan generally use 3LCD.

It is recommended to buy a second-hand projector with DLP display technology. Advantages of DLP projection over 1LCD: better picture uniformity and more uniform brightness.

Generally speaking, although the price of second-hand projectors is very attractive, there are still some disadvantages in terms of product quality, safety, and after-sales service. Please be careful when purchasing! All digital products will be damaged after use. Think about it If you bought a projector that was used well for a day, why would you sell it second-hand?

I think the projector “would rather buy a new one than an old one”. If you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to detour second-hand and choose to buy it at official big-name official flagship stores such as Dangbei and XGIMI. If your budget is relatively low, a cheap projector with a price of 1,000 yuan is also a good choice, and products with guaranteed brands such as Harqu and Xiaoming are also good choices.


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