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How to choose a photo printer in 2023?Hanyin photo printer CP2100 recommendation

With the increasingly powerful camera functions of mobile phones, more and more people like to use photography to record their lives. Most of my friends will store photos in their mobile phones, organize and browse them regularly. Some friends who pay attention to the quality of life like to print out some important photos and make them into photo albums, photo walls and notebooks, which are convenient for daily review and memory, and also have a more ritual sense of life.

If you want to print out electronic photos, it is a good choice to buy a photo printer, which can not only protect personal privacy, but also realize instant photos. Here we recommend Hanyin’s latest dye-sublimation photo printer CP2100, which has high appearance, excellent image quality, and rich App functions, allowing you to easily realize the freedom of paper photos.

As a tool for image recording and presentation, the first consideration of photo printers is the printing effect. Unlike ordinary pocket photo printers that use thermal ZINK technology, Hanyin CP2100 uses thermal sublimation technology. Through fine temperature control, the printing color scale of Hanyin CP2100 can reach 256 gray levels, and the color transition is smoother. Through the integration of the three primary colors, the color of the photo printed by Hanyin CP2100 is more full and bright, and the color of the photo is truly restored, and the quality is comparable to that of a photo studio. Hanyin CP2100 will also automatically cover the photos in a humanized way, so that the photos can be better protected, dustproof, fingerprintproof and waterproof, and will last forever without fading.

In terms of photo playability, the performance of Hanyin CP2100 is also outstanding. Hanyin CP2100 is equipped with powerful self-developed editing software Hanyin Meizhao APP, which can easily meet the needs of personalized photo editing. For example, 8 major photo filters, one-click stylization makes the presentation of photos more artistic, such as multi-size ID photo templates, collage effects, and easy to print daily ID photos. It is worth mentioning that the Hanyin Meizhao App also has the function of recording videos, and the AR photos can be easily scanned, and the photos will immediately jump up, making the memories more full and real.

In addition, the appearance of the Hanyin photo printer CP2100 is also very high, the volume is exquisite and small, the built-in battery does not need to be plugged in, and it can be easily put into the pocket for travel. The retro appearance can be used as a high-end fashion decoration even when you are not printing photos.

Good-looking, powerful, and full of ritual sense at the same time, such a photo printer is not only a sharp tool to improve the happiness of personal life, but also a reliable choice for holiday gifts. Are you sure you don’t want to try such a fashionable product?

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