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How to achieve “brand rejuvenation” from the perspective of China Life’s product publicity strategy transformation

How to achieve “brand rejuvenation” from the perspective of China Life’s product publicity strategy transformation

With the evolution of the Internet and the wave of digitalization, the brand image of the insurance industry has more display space and novel ways of interpretation. Especially as the “Generation Z” such as the post-90s and post-00s gradually become the mainstream customer group for insurance purchases, they, as “Internet natives”, will also become “insurance natives”. The way they look at insurance and the difference in acceptance of insurance product promotion methods have brought new challenges to the brand promotion strategy of the insurance industry.

Recently, a short film titled “Chinese Life” produced by China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life”) used the warmth behind the handicrafts to express people’s desire for a better life, refreshing the public’s perception of The inherent cognition of insurance product announcement. In the whole short film, there are no pictures or lines to promote the product, but it focuses on telling the story of ceramic production and life, and conveys the idea of ​​”China Life and you create a better life together”. This method is a microcosm of China Life’s “brand rejuvenation” strategy in recent years. Behind it, we can understand how China Life, as the leader of the life insurance industry, uses various digital methods to realize the strategic transformation of the company’s own brand promotion .

  abstraction into concrete

connect with emotion

Product promotion is more diversified, vertical and warm

For insurance brands, both products and services are relatively abstract. In the transformation of the overall strategic thinking, China Life adhered to the implementation path of “changing abstraction into concreteness and building connections with emotion”. The method selection, channel expansion, and content production depth of the overall product promotion combine the typical characteristics of the digital network era, presenting a more diversified, vertical, and warm appearance.

As we all know, product publicity in the digital age is no longer as simple as publishing news and holding events. In addition to the original network publicity, China Life’s brand publicity in recent years has also been accurately insight into the emotional needs of the post-8090 young group. , Seeking change and innovation while maintaining stability, focusing on authoritative media, using all-media platforms as the starting point, professional and emotional breakthroughs in content, occupying the high ground of traffic, and achieving full coverage of voice volume. In the virtuous cycle of the brand, users, and the media, the brand emotional tension of “insurance protection makes ordinary life better” is conveyed, breaking through the inherent cognition of the public, realizing the iterative upgrading of the brand, and reshaping the brand image.

  Content is king, channel innovation, cross-border out of the circle

Three mainstream ways to consolidate the core value of the brand

Looking at China Life’s specific changes in product promotion in the past ten years, it can be seen that China Life took the lead in putting the importance of content at the core of word-of-mouth value writing. It has always advocated taking feelings as the core, shaping the brand into a concrete image, and gradually extending to every detail of life, showing more life-oriented and interesting characteristics. In recent years, heartfelt short films such as “Chinese Life” have been presented on the Internet again and again, making China Life’s brand penetrate into all aspects of users’ lives like a real family and friend. China Life has also recently shot three public welfare short films, Beautiful China, Healthy China, and Green Development. They respectively use three stories of “painting drama”, “lion out” and “natural feeling” to tell stories about helping rural revitalization and serving the people around the theme of public welfare. Escorting health, promoting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and establishing an emotional connection with the public fully demonstrates China Life’s value concept and development appeal of being “the biggest in the country” and protecting a better life for the people. In such attentive companionship, the brand personality of China Life is more obvious, and it also stimulates users’ interest in actively learning about China Life’s brand and products.

In addition to building a unique brand image and a sense of companionship, in terms of innovation in communication channels, China Life has realized multi-platform layout with matrix thinking based on comprehensive and full-type content creativity in today’s trend of video and live broadcasting. Today, China Life Insurance has formed platforms such as Douyin, Official Accounts, Weibo, Zhihu, etc. to use multi-dimensional coverage, and has built a unique content ecosystem for the functional differences of media channels. The self-media platform and external publicity channels complement each other, giving the content pattern of corporate publicity, product promotion, business management, and knowledge popularization a soil to spread. In turn, it also forced the diversification and stable output of multi-scenario and multi-channel product promotion content.

In addition, as a well-established insurance company, China Life Insurance has also begun to cross borders frequently in recent years, using topical marketing to spread out widely, promote brand voice to form a sound field outside the industry, and build a unique symbol at the level of public opinion in the whole society. , and gradually penetrated into the minds of the public. For example, through IP cooperation, event naming, variety show implantation, etc., various types of brand cooperation have been formed with the Chinese Basketball CBA League, NYBO Youth Basketball Game, Beijing Universal Resort, variety shows, etc., not only attracting a large number of “outsiders”. users”, and let China Life’s brand concept form a precise touch in the Internet social era.

Finally, returning to the promotional film “Life of the Chinese”, we can see that China Life is constructing an insurance story belonging to this era through the telling of more “good stories”. When emotional memory follows China Life’s comprehensive coverage, in-depth and mutual integration of the network context, what is built is not only a unique pattern for the future construction and development of corporate brand promotion, but more importantly, in the digital environment with cumbersome information and fierce competition. In the second half of the era, the rebranding of China Life Insurance has already taken the lead.

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