How much can Ping An Insurance surrender?Don’t trust those insurance surrender agencies

How much can Ping An Insurance surrender?Don’t trust those insurance surrender agencies

In recent years, agency surrender agencies have been rampant. Although the cases of agency surrender and loss of security and wealth have sounded the alarm for consumers, they still cannot stop people from choosing agency surrender agencies to surrender insurance. What makes everyone willing to go to informal channels for surrender? Do you have any questions about how much Ping An Insurance can refund? Below we summarize a few reasons, let’s take a look together.

First: Consumers do not have a strong awareness of risk prevention, lack of understanding of insurance products, and think that there is no loss in surrendering the insurance.

Second: The advertisements of the insurance surrender agencies are highly misleading. On the surface, they are under the guise of a full refund. make it their own.

Third: Consumers don’t have their own opinions and think that insurance is useless. They choose formal channels to find out how much Ping An Insurance can refund if they surrender their insurance, but they find that there will be economic losses if you surrender the insurance after the hesitation period. Full refund.

If you do not find a formal channel to withdraw the insurance, the final result can only be a bitter fruit, and you will be trapped in your own cocoon, which will bring hidden risks. Especially now that the operation mode of agency surrender and illegal production is constantly enriched, which makes people confused. It has moved from corporate operation to industrialization and large-scale development. A complete chain of fabricating facts, false insurance, and malicious surrender of insurance has been formed, and it has intensified and spread rapidly to all parts of the country.

When we unfortunately fall into the trap of agency surrender, what should we do to get out? Let’s take a look at how Mr. Chen staged a textbook-style avoidance through a case.

Five years ago, Mr. Chen, who was in construction business in Guangzhou, bought four Ping An insurance plans for his family. In May 2022, Mr. Chen received a call. The other party stated that he was a staff member of an insurance company and found that the insurance clauses purchased by Mr. Chen had defects and deficiencies, and the number of complaints related to the policy was relatively large. The company is rectifying and can send Employees come to serve and optimize and upgrade the insurance policy.

It just so happened that in May 2022, Mr. Chen’s construction business was affected by the epidemic and it was difficult to turn over funds, so he had the idea of ​​withdrawing his insurance. After contacting the other party, agree to the other party’s door-to-door service. The other party analyzed the terms very patiently, pointed out the shortcomings, and suggested that Mr. Chen should withdraw the insurance. He also answered Mr. Chen’s question about how much Ping An Insurance can refund if he surrenders the insurance, and told Mr. Chen that if he asks their agency to surrender the insurance, he can get a full refund, and only need to charge a handling fee.

When the other party asked Mr. Chen for his ID card, mobile phone card and other personal information, Mr. Chen immediately realized that this might be a trap. After the other party left, he quickly contacted the customer service staff of Ping An Life Insurance and explained his situation to the customer service staff. The customer service staff patiently reminded Mr. Chen that he had encountered a black industry organization that surrendered insurance by agents, and he must be careful not to fall into a trap.

Fortunately, Mr. Chen was vigilant enough, fearless in the face of danger, and solved the matter with the correct method. Mr. Chen said that if you want to know how much Ping An Insurance can withdraw from the policy, you must go to the official channels of Ping An Insurance to find out, so as not to let others take advantage of it.


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