How can safe medical beauty not step on the pit?Experts: Be sure to pay attention to these details

How can safe medical beauty not step on the pit?Experts: Be sure to pay attention to these details

Recently, the media has exposed violations of the use of “Zhuangzihao” cosmetics for facial beauty injections. How can beauty lovers keep calm and sober during the medical beauty process, eliminate the false and preserve the true, and become beautiful safely? Recently, the plastic and cosmetic surgeons of Peking Union Medical College Hospital put forward the suggestion of “avoiding pitfalls” to the public.

  Can certified medical practitioners carry out medical aesthetic treatment?

Practicing medicine without a license is undoubtedly the most worrying “pit” when people undergo medical aesthetic treatment. But can a doctor with professional medical qualifications carry out drastic medical aesthetic treatment?

The answer is no, not licensed physicians are allowed to practice aesthetics.

According to Xiao Yiding, attending physician of plastic and cosmetic surgery at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, only physicians with the qualification of “medical aesthetic attending physician” can preside over medical aesthetic-related surgeries, operations, and even diagnosis and treatment. There are strict application requirements for the qualifications of attending physicians in aesthetic surgery. Attending physicians engaged in cosmetic surgery need to meet the conditions of working in the field of plastic surgery for 6 years; the corresponding website of the National Health and Health Commission can also apply for the scope of physician practice Inquire.

The doctor reminded that some institutions will falsely publicize the title of the doctor, or share the PS pre- and post-operative comparison chart on the website and official account, which is not recommended as a reference.

Is the product with the batch number of the medical device compliant?

Xiao Yiding introduced that each medical device has corresponding indications when it is approved, including the level and site of injection. For example, bone cement is one of the common repair materials in clinical application. It is mainly used for filling and repairing various bone defects. Injections, in an attempt to improve the appearance of the skull, eventually resulted in necrosis of the scalp due to excessive tension following the injection.

So, how to choose a medical beauty institution and medical beauty project to be safe and reliable? Xiao Yiding made three suggestions.

First, shop around, go to multiple hospitals or institutions for treatment, and make a comprehensive decision after listening to suggestions from all parties. Especially in regular hospitals, pay more attention to the top departments and doctors in the field of plastic surgery in the country on the official ranking list. Although clinical surgery resources are in short supply, they have rich experience and pertinent advice. It is worth registering for consultation first.

Second, search for evidence online. It is recommended to search for two main points. First, go to the “National Medical Institution Inquiry” website to search whether the target medical aesthetic institution is legitimate, and then search for the scope of practice and academic achievements of the attending physician.

Third, enrich yourself, watch more popular medical and aesthetic science programs released by well-known doctors and popular science scholars in large hospitals, reserve relevant knowledge before the consultation, and try to reduce the information gap with the attending physician as much as possible to achieve more thorough communication and consultation. (Popular science information review expert: Secretary of the Party Branch of Xidan Branch of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Deputy Director of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Chief Physician Long Xiao)

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