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Hotels under the Hilton Group Invite Guests to Start a Cozy Spring Journey

Hotels under the Hilton Group Invite Guests to Start a Cozy Spring Journey

The consumer market is heating up, and the enthusiasm for tourism and leisure is increasing day by day. With the warmth of spring and the blossoming of flowers, guests start their spring outings one after another. The hotels under the Hilton Group carefully plan a rich and diverse travel experience with spring characteristics, including spring outings, cultural experiences, and seasonal delicacies. If you live in the right place, you will be right”, starting a pleasant spring trip.

Go outing to enjoy the flowers, enjoy the scenery in spring

The hotel is both the starting point and the destination for enjoying the flowers and scenery. Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival in March, at the Hilton Linzhi Gongbo Manor Hotel, which is backed by the Himalayas and faces the Yarlung Zangbo River. Watching the wild peach blossoms blooming on the riverside under the snow-capped mountains in the canyon, or enjoying over 1,000 yellow peonies in the hotel park, enjoying a spring-limited afternoon tea in the afternoon of flowers under the snow-capped mountains; Wenbi Seaview Scenic Spot in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang, Yunnan , Hilton Lijiang faces the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain far away, where guests can not only enjoy the majestic snow-capped mountains and the rippling blue waves, but also enjoy the bright stars and explore the spring scenery of Lijiang; the Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake Huamao The hotel faces the famous landscape of Dongqian Lake – Yinwan Fishing Fire across the lake; the Hilton Dali Hotel is located on the mountainside of the “Natural Oxygen Bar” Cangshan Geological Park, between the majestic and majestic Cangshan Mountain and the beautiful and gentle Erhai Lake. Here, guests can have a panoramic view of the scenery of Erhai Lake, and feel the warm spring sun through the romantic veils in the rooms.

Stay at the Hilton Nyingchi Gongbo Manor Hotel for an outing and enjoy the flowers

Cultural charm, immersive experience

Let guests experience different cultures, different lifestyles and customs during vacation and leisure, not only to relax physically and mentally, but also to obtain deep spiritual enjoyment.

When the plum blossoms and cherry blossoms are in full bloom, guests can experience the ancient style and new look of the “Waterfront Courtyard” at the Hilton Shanghai Songjiang Guangfulin. The museum in the Guangfulin Cultural Site gives a glimpse of the evolution and development of the local culture for thousands of years.

Located on the Pedestrian Street of the Great Tang Dynasty, Canopy by Hilton Xi’an Qujiang is an ideal destination to experience the freshness of modernity and the ancient charm of Tang Dynasty. The hotel is embellished with the elements of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and the ingenuity and delicacy are intertwined with the bustling street scene. Guests choose the national style clothing experience service, and they can enjoy a table of Chinese clothes, and embark on a prosperous and prosperous journey intertwined with history and time. entertainment life.

Experience the Ancient Charm of the Tang Dynasty at Canopy by Hilton Xi’an Qujiang

Guests who are interested in the culture of ethnic minorities can go to Conrad Jiuzhai surrounded by mountains to visit ancient Tibetan villages. Here, the unique Tibetan and Qiang culture is integrated with modern style, not only showing Tibetan characteristics everywhere in the building, but also the Tibetan afternoon tea full of local characteristics will lead guests to explore local culture with their taste buds.

Seasonal delicacies, limited to early spring

The Qianhu Pavilion of the Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake, which won the honor of one diamond black pearl, presents the delicious taste of early spring, such as spring leeks, bamboo shoots and fresh river, to the guests; the Hilton Shanghai Songjiang Guangfulin Hotel overflows with spring The dining table is full of shepherd’s purse, Sheshan orchid bamboo shoots, wild vegetables Jiangxian and Xiaoxiaoqingtuan. The Yuntai Pavilion Chinese restaurant in Hilton Taizhou is created by Mr. Yu Bin, a leading figure in Zhejiang cuisine, and prepared by master Jin Gen. , guests can taste the signature delicacies of “fresh materials from all directions, cooking with the original taste of the four seasons”, such as rooftop crispy veal, honeycomb water with cloud tea, and ancient secret fresh fish. Hilton Honors members have the opportunity to enjoy up to 25% off food and beverage discounts.

Love is doubled and good things come in pairs

Hilton Hotel Group, in order to carry the vitality of spring, coincides with the 2nd anniversary of its cooperation with Fliggy, and launched the theme activity of “Doubling Love, Good Things Come in Pairs”. Members double their check-in points, etc., and use multiple benefits to give members sincere love and double the joy of travel. “If you live in the right place, you will be right.” For details, please visit the official flagship store of Hilton Group Fliggy.

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