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[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won the “Outstanding Mobile Banking of the Year” award

[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won the “Outstanding Mobile Banking of the Year” award

In the context of the digital age, mobile banking apps have suddenly become the main battlefield for banking institutions to compete in financial technology capabilities. Recently, the results of the “21st Financial Ranking Banking Industry Selection” hosted by were announced. Bank of Shanghai won the “Outstanding Mobile Banking of the Year” award.

With the theme of “Keeping Integrity, Innovating and Advancing High Quality”, this selection demonstrates the new development aspects of banking financial institutions in protecting entities, deeply cultivating inclusive interests, and practicing green gold.

The newly launched version 8.0 of personal mobile banking by Bank of Shanghai, from the perspective of customers, presents the 10 highlight functions of version 8.0 through “fine design, meticulous service, exquisite experience, and wonderful ecology” to meet the needs of different customer groups and share the digital era. A wonderful future with extraordinary excitement and wisdom.”

On the basis of the general version, the “large-character version” is carefully customized to meet the multi-level and specialized needs of “silver-haired people”; the “Yuanverse version” is the first to be launched, with digital employees Hai Xiaohui and Hai Xiaozhi responding 24 hours a day to meet Customer service experience invites users to appreciate the charm of new intelligent interaction. Functions are continuously expanded, and the wealth check-up function realizes all-round position perspective, creating exclusive wealth solutions for users to meet their multi-level wealth management needs; exclusive consumption discounts for mobile banking customers are integrated into various consumption scenarios of users’ daily necessities, food, housing and transportation. In addition, the 8.0 version of mobile banking also features functions such as voice screen reading and on-screen assistance, bringing customers a more intelligent and convenient service experience.

Practice finance for the people and empower a better life. Bank of Shanghai will continue to be customer-centered, adhere to digital and intelligent services to lead development, accelerate the intensive cultivation of “digital ecology”, promote the continuous iterative upgrade of mobile banking, and meet customers’ more expectations for a better life with “wonderful, extraordinary, smart and at your heart” online services .

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