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[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won the “2023 Top 100 Outstanding Data Management Cases Award”

[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won the “2023 Top 100 Outstanding Data Management Cases Award”

Recently, the Second Data Governance Annual Conference and Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Annual Conference”), hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation and the most authoritative and influential brand of data governance in China, was held in Beijing. Bank of Shanghai appeared at this conference with the theme of “Smart Finance, Professional Services”, and the case “Striving for Capital – Bank of Shanghai’s Data Asset Operation Management System Empowers High-Quality Development” won the “Top 100 Excellent Data Management Cases in 2023” ”, which is also one of the ten outstanding cases selected in the national financial field.

This annual meeting covers many industry fields such as finance, electric power, communications, and energy. The exhibitors are all leading domestic companies in the field of data governance, management, and application. As one of the ten outstanding cases that have won awards in the financial field, the award-winning case of the Bank of Shanghai focuses on the construction of the data asset system, focusing on the management, operation, and evaluation of data assets, forming the Bank of Shanghai’s “trinity” closed-loop operation and management system for the entire life cycle of data assets. , thereby comprehensively supporting the efficient application of data assets and activating the release of data value.

In the context of digital transformation and upgrading, it has become a social consensus that data is the core strategic asset of enterprises. This round of strategic planning of the Bank of Shanghai is driven by digital transformation and takes online, digital and intelligent implementation paths to strengthen digital drive to empower finance. At the on-site booth, Bank of Shanghai demonstrated the outstanding results of digital transformation focusing on data management application system and data culture.

Accumulate and make progress, and go far. As an emerging factor of production, data is both a core strategic resource and the core driving force of digital transformation. At the end of this round of strategic planning and the year of a new round of strategic planning, Bank of Shanghai will take this award as an opportunity to continuously tap the potential of data elements and enhance the value of data assets to fully empower business development and realize its own improvement. Make greater efforts to improve quality and efficiency.


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