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[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won many awards including the Most Popular Award and the Special Contribution Award in the “Resident Service Card Innovation Competition”

[Honor]Bank of Shanghai won many awards including the Most Popular Award and the Special Contribution Award in the “Resident Service Card Innovation Competition”

Recently, the city-wide social security card service “all-in-one card” application scenario competition conducted by the Comprehensive Service and Management Leading Group Office of the Shanghai Municipal Population Office came to a successful conclusion. Bank of Shanghai won three major awards: the “Special Contribution Award”, “The Most Popular Award in the Financial Concession Category” and “The Finalist Award in the Social Welfare Category” for its outstanding performance in people’s livelihood services and public welfare activities.

In 2023, Bank of Shanghai will organize and carry out various “four advancement” activities around the theme of “Public Welfare and Benefiting the People” by entering enterprises, communities, theaters and campuses to bring the people’s livelihood services of Bank of Shanghai’s social security card to more groups .

  Enter the enterprise and get coolness against the high temperature.The Business Department of the Shibei Branch, Zhabei Branch and Chongming Branch of the Bank of Shanghai went to the large state-owned Zhenhua Heavy Industries (Group) Co., Ltd., Jing’an District Beizhan Hospital and other places to carry out high-temperature condolences activities where social security cards were sent to the door to express love to those who are fighting hard. Workers on the front lines during the sweltering heat gave away service gift packages to express their care and condolences.

  Enter the community and send love when you walk through the door.With the theme of “Shanghai Bank Social Security Cards Come to Door-to-Door Sending Love” as the theme, Shanghai Bank’s Shibei Branch and Shinan Branch joined hands with the Qilian No. 2 Village Party Building Studio and the Minhang District Senior Citizens Sports Association to present condolence gift packages to social security card customers, and actively put them to good use. Promotion of cards, card service applications and benefits.

  Enter the theater and enjoy Double Ninth Festival opera together.During the Double Ninth Festival, inviting elderly customers to the theater to enjoy opera together is a holiday gift that Shanghai Bank has always adhered to. In 2023, in addition to many old customers enjoying the opera together, many social security card customers were also invited to watch the opera live. In addition to daily consumption, the Double Ninth Festival activities extend the rights and interests of social security card customers to entertainment scenes, further enriching the entertainment life of elderly customers.

  Enter the campus and take a mini-tour through the city.The Bank of Shanghai has joined hands with the Shanghai Social Security Card Service Center, Shanghai University of Science and Technology and Spring International Travel Service to select historical sites and internet celebrity check-in points in Shanghai, organize 4 city walking micro-travel routes, and carry out the public welfare activity of “Social Security Card Takes You to Fun Travel”. The activity allows students to understand Shanghai’s unique Shanghai-style culture by exploring different scenery in Shanghai, and allows students to experience the rights and interests of social security cards during the trip.

The Bank of Shanghai has always attached great importance to Shanghai’s social security card service work, insists on practicing finance for the people, always puts customers at the center, and continues to promote the application of Shanghai Bank’s social security card industry and public welfare activities around different application scenarios and channels. At the same time, we will not forget the original intention of “making customers always satisfied” and further consolidate the professionalism of grassroots employees in the social security card business through the special work of “implementing standards and improving quality”, thereby creating a good experience for citizens in the process of using and holding the card. , to create a warm social security card product and service brand.

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