Honor witness!China Life Insurance won 5 brand awards

Honor witness!China Life Insurance won 5 brand awards

On March 28, the award ceremony of the 5th China Financial Annual Brand Case Competition hosted by China Financial Publishing House was held in Beijing. China Life’s “Protect a better life with heart” Douyin Challenge won the “China Financial Annual Brand Award“, and was voted by netizens as “Annual Popular Brand Case Award“, China Life × Beijing Universal Resort’s 2022 Chinese New Year red envelope cover communication case won the “Brand Communication Annual Case Award“, the group member unit China Guangfa Bank’s “discovering wonderful and creating the future” communication case, and the social responsibility case of “deeply cultivating the development of the Bay Area to serve the national strategy” were awarded “Brand Communication Annual Case Award“”Social Responsibility Annual Case Award“, which fully demonstrates the brand influence.

  China Financial Annual Brand Award

  Annual Popular Brand Case Award

  China Life “protects a better life with heart”

  Douyin Challenge Brand Communication Case

The “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status” shows that the number of short video users in my country is nearly 1 billion. Short video has become one of the most convenient and widespread methods of communication at present. With its “short, precise, and small” presentation method, it has become the “most intuitive weapon” for brand communication. In this context, China Life closely follows the trend of the times and is close to the needs of users, and cooperates with the Douyin platform to hold “Protect a better life with heartsuper challenge, using short video creation as the starting point, attracting more social forces to participate, breaking the circle to show China Life’s outstanding brand image of fulfilling the responsibility of a financial central enterprise and fully protecting the people’s better life.As of the end of the event, the total exposure of the challengeMore than 3.4 billion timesthe amount of interactionover 58 million.

  on activity typethe topic this time is task-inspired UGC creation activities, linked use of challenges and national tasks, ingeniously reaching a wider range of Douyin users, fully stimulating users’ innovation and creativity, everyone is a creator, everyone becomes a Chinese Disseminator and promoter of life insurance brand concept.

  on topic disseminationto effectively achieve internal and external linkages. On the one hand, China Life Insurance has launched a warm-up challenge to fully mobilize internal employees to participate in advance. During the warm-up period, various challenge works have been receivedMore than 1000the number of views of related worksMore than 12 million timesto lay the foundation for the launch of the official challenge; on the other hand, invite experts in different fields such as sports, dance, parent-child, etc., to use ingenuity, big moves, personalized cuts and diverse interpretations to interpret “guard“concept, the total number of views of related videos has broken through27.23 million timesEffectively achieve brand breaking circle communication.

With the help of the short video challenge as a carrier, China Life’s brand concept is condensed into frame by frame to realize visual, scene-based, and individualized communication, and to condense deeper emotional resonance with the updated gameplay and expand a wider audience. Spread vision.

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