Honeycomb Energy: Breaking Tradition, Innovating and Developing

Honeycomb Energy: Breaking Tradition, Innovating and Developing

What is the key to the success of battery companies in the TWh era? Yang Hongxin, chairman and CEO of Honeycomb Energy, once mentioned in an interview: “Ten years ago, battery companies won by product technology; five years ago, they won by differentiated positioning; but in the TWh era, they won by technology + manufacturing.” Honeycomb Energy is currently fully investing in technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing in order to maintain its advantages in the long-term competition.

At the second Battery Day, Honeycomb Energy had set a goal of greatly increasing the global production capacity plan in 2025. The time came to the third Battery Day, which ended recently. Honeycomb Energy not only let the industry see its further battery solutions—— Longlinjia Battery also announced a series of innovations such as its third-generation lamination technology – “flying stack” technology, high-manganese-iron-nickel battery technology, nano-mesh silicon anode technology, future energy storage business ecological chain – honeycomb ecology, etc. Technology IP. This series of actions not only demonstrates the identity of Honeycomb Energy as a scientific and innovative enterprise, but also reflects the determination of Honeycomb Energy to win in the competition in the TWh era.

It is worth noting that in order to cope with the “thinking pattern” that is common in both the industry and consumers such that lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot challenge the status of ternary lithium batteries in ultra-long-endurance vehicles, Honeycomb Energy has launched the Dragon Scale Battery. It is bound to subvert people’s traditional perception that lithium iron phosphate batteries cannot be used as long-endurance vehicles.

It is reported that the improvement of the battery life of the Honeycomb Energy Dragon Scale Armor is achieved by optimizing the two major technologies of the battery cell and the system. Not only does the lithium iron phosphate battery have high energy density and long battery life, but it also further improves the safety and cost-effective advantages that the lithium iron phosphate battery has always had. Especially in terms of safety, Honeycomb Energy starts from the source of thermal runaway of the battery system, and optimizes battery safety performance through a number of bold and innovative designs.

In addition, from the system design point of view, the dragon scale battery initially has the following characteristics and advantages: thermoelectric separation improves safety; high integration increases battery life; strong heat exchange capacity; By adjusting the thickness and length of the short knife battery, the Dragonscale battery can be compatible with A00 to C-class cars.

At the moment when the price of power batteries continues to rise, the arrival of Longlinjia batteries can be said to be at the right time. Through technological innovation, Honeycomb Energy has not only solved the market pain points of new energy vehicles, but also helped many companies achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase The goal.

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