Home laser projector recommendation, how to choose a laser projector?

Home laser projector recommendation, how to choose a laser projector?

  At present, more and more brands are beginning to pour into the projection market, and the products available to consumers have become more abundant. Even some laser display technologies that could only be seen in theater laser projection halls can now “fly into the homes of ordinary people”.

Due to the advantages of high brightness and high color reproduction, laser projectors are now favored by more and more consumers. However, there are more and more types of laser projectors on the market, and many people don’t know how to choose. The following is for you Let’s take a look at the details——

1. What are the advantages of laser home projectors?

1. The laser projector has a long service life and low maintenance cost

As a brand-new projection light source, laser projection uses solid-state laser as the projection light source. The service life can reach more than 20,000 hours, and the decay speed is relatively slow. The brightness decays to 50% after about 10,000 hours of use.

However, the traditional light bulb machine using ultra-high pressure mercury lamp may reduce the brightness to 75% after about 2000 hours of use, and the attenuation of brightness will directly affect the picture effect, greatly reducing the viewing experience, and the later maintenance cost is also relatively high.

2. The laser projector has high brightness and is resistant to ambient light

The laser light source has a brightness advantage that the LED light source cannot surpass. The LED light source technology maximizes the brightness but only reaches a level of about 2000 ANSI lumens, while the laser light source can easily break through the brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens and appear like a light bulb light source. The higher the brightness, the shorter the lifespan”.

3. Laser projectors have higher color reproduction and more obvious advantages

The laser light source has the characteristics of wavelength selectivity and high spectral brightness, so it can technically achieve a color gamut coverage of more than 90% of the natural colors seen by the human eye. The color gamut of the laser light source is the closest to the Rec.709 international standard color gamut The range of light sources, so the laser light source has a higher degree of color reproduction than LED and light bulb light sources, and the color performance is even better.

4. The laser light projector has low power consumption and strong stability

The performance of the laser projector is stable, and there will be no burning problem like the light bulb machine when used for a long time. Users can watch movies with peace of mind; and the energy efficiency ratio of the laser light source is as high as 12LM/W. From the perspective of environmental protection, the laser light source is also more energy-saving. Environmental friendly.

  two,Laser projector classification: three-color laser vs. ALPD laser

Among the currently available products on the market, laser light source technology is mainly divided into two technical schools – three-color laser and ALPD laser technology.

1) Working principle of three-color laser and ALPD laser technology

Three-color laser technology principle——

Use a laser light source to shoot on the fast-rotating color wheel, because the color wheel is coated with phosphors of three colors of RGB, and then the phosphors excite three colors of red, green, and blue light, and then hit the DMD chip. The desired screen is projected by the DMD.


ALPD laser technology principle——

By adopting the blue laser to excite the mode of the fluorescent material, the three colors of red, green and blue are obtained first. Through the processing of the fluorescent wheel and the synchronous color correction processing of the color correction film, it is projected onto the DMD chip to form a projection display image.

2) Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of panchromatic laser and ALPD laser

① ALPD laser technology can reduce the loss of brightness. High brightness can bring a purer picture, higher contrast, sharpness and more vivid saturation. A single blue laser makes the picture monochromatic better and can present a strong Color expressiveness.

②The strong coherence of light in three-color laser technology will make the projected light form speckle in space, which will seriously affect the clarity and resolution of the image, and it will easily cause eye fatigue when watching for a long time; and the ALPD laser is not easy from the technical source. Generate speckle.


③The majority of ALPD light sources are blue lasers, and blue lasers use GaN (gallium nitride) material system, which has high efficiency. Three-color laser technology requires a certain number of red lasers, green lasers and blue lasers to combine light, and the photoelectric conversion rate is low.

④ ALPD technology obtains low-cost and high-efficiency green and red light through fluorescence, successfully overcomes the efficiency and cost problems of red and green lasers, so the price of finished products is lower than that of three-color laser projection.

  three,Which brand of laser projector is good?

According to the Luotu Technology report, in 2022, the sales volume of home laser projectors in mainland China will be 436,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 27.2%.

In 2022, in China’s home laser projection market, in terms of medium and telephoto technology, Dangbei will mainly rely on the X3 series to seize a 46% share of the market. Fengmi seized the second place in the sales list, accounting for 19% of the market share. In recent years, Epson has accelerated the pace of developing the smart home market, with a market share of around 14%. Hisense relies on Vidda to enter the TOP5 list.

4. Recommended laser projectors in 2023

Recommended Index★★★★★——Dangbei X3 Air

Reference price: 4999 yuan

Dangbei X3 Air is pure black in color, using glass top cover + suspension panel + aluminum alloy, which has a good texture; it has 3050 ANSI lumens, uses ALPD laser light source, has excellent light resistance and excellent picture effect; 0.47"DMD, true 1080P resolution and HDR10+ high dynamic decoding, make its dark details more clear;

The processor uses MT9669, which has powerful graphics processing capabilities; the running memory is 3G+64G memory, and various software can be downloaded at will, and it supports the expansion of U disk and removable hard disk, so there is no need to worry about the memory; it is used by Dangbei X3 Air It is a self-developed Dangbei OS system, which supports desktop DIY, dynamic wallpaper, and picture-in-picture, and the system has rich video and music resources. There is no startup advertisement, and the use is very smooth.

Recommended Index★★★★——NmGO N1 Pro

Reference price: 6499 yuan

JMGO N1 Pro integrated gimbal structure has more angle adjustments, but the volume is also larger; it has 3200 ANSI lumens, using three-color laser, 0.47"The DMD display chip supports 1080P resolution, and the picture quality is clear and vivid, but the picture projected by the JMGO N1 Pro still has speckles;

Equipped with MTK9669 processor, it has powerful performance and ensures the smooth operation of the system; adopts 4G+64G large storage, supports running multiple programs in the background, and can also download and install a large number of third-party application software; Bonfire OS system pays attention to the atmosphere design , for example, the music rhythm desktop inside is quite good, but it is still a bit cumbersome for users to use.

Recommended Index★★★——Hisense Vidda C1

Reference price: 6299 yuan

The one-piece metal body has sharp edges and corners, and it has a cold metal aesthetic, but it is a bit afraid of being knocked. With 1350 ANSI lumens, it can barely meet the needs of viewing movies during the day, and the use of three-color lasers also has the problem of speckle; 0.47"DMD display chip corresponds to shaking 4K, and the color reproduction of the picture is still relatively high;

Using 4G+64G large storage, you can download and install a large number of third-party application software; it is equipped with JUUI7.

Summary: With the advantages of high brightness and long service life of laser light sources, the market size of laser projection may be further expanded in the future. This time, Dangbei X3 Air puts its sincerity in front of consumers. It uses a laser light source and has a brightness of up to 3050 ANSI lumens. It can be said to be the “king of rolls” among laser projectors.

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