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Home decoration has entered the “people-oriented” era, and German Haobao handles have obvious advantages and are highly favored.

Home decoration has entered the “people-oriented” era, and German Haobao handles have obvious advantages and are highly favored.

As the driving force of new houses/existing houses on the home decoration industry continues to weaken, consumer spending on home decoration will become the main driving force. This phenomenon means that the home decoration industry has ended the “housing-oriented” era and will enter the “people-oriented” era that is deeply focused on consumers. Take the door and window handle industry as an example. Today, high-quality products are becoming more and more important. People-oriented, high-quality products like German Haobao handles are more secure and attract more attention.

Consumers’ strong demand for better quality, safer and more suitable door and window handles has determined the growth route of the industry, which in turn has brought about important changes in industry categories, models, channels and patterns. As a brand that has been exploring the door and window handle industry for 72 years, HOPPE has a deep understanding of door and window handles. Since its establishment in 1952, HOPPE has been adhering to the commitment of “excellent quality handles” and producing “people-oriented” quality door and window handles. It has established 7 factories in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries, and its products are exported to all over the world.

Take HOPPE’s CombiFit combination technology with Secustik® anti-theft function as an example. With its unique design, safety performance and convenient installation method, it has won unanimous praise from many users and explains what a “people-oriented” door and window handle is.

The core of HOPPE CombiFit assembly technology lies in its innovative base design. This base can be flexibly combined with square or round cover plates to adapt to different styles and needs of door and window handle installation. This design simplifies the installation steps and makes handle replacement a breeze. Just fix the base to the door and window, then install the full-cover cover and handle in sequence to complete the entire installation process. This simple installation method brings great convenience to busy modern life.

In addition to easy installation, HOPPE’s Secustik® anti-theft function CombiFit combination technology also performs well in terms of security. The Secustik® locking mechanism that comes standard with the product provides basic security and anti-theft functions, giving residents greater peace of mind. At the same time, the application of VarioFit patented technology ensures that the square shaft can be applied to different window profile thicknesses, further enhancing the versatility and practicality of the product.

In terms of design, HOPPE pays attention to the application of ergonomics. When designers develop handle products, they will incorporate the concept of ergonomics into it. The CombiFit combination window handle full-cover cover perfectly wraps the handle base, presenting a simple and elegant look. Exquisite beauty. This design not only improves the overall grade of the window handle, but also blends harmoniously with various home styles. In addition, the CombiFit base can be combined with square or round covers to provide users with more diverse options to meet different personalized needs.

It is worth mentioning that because its base can be combined with various shapes of covers, it can also be easily matched with various handle shapes. There are 6 optional styles, namely Avignon, Boston, Brugge, Toulon, Verona, and Vitoria. You can change the style and design of the handle at any time according to your own preferences and home style, making the doors and windows the highlight of your home decoration ~

In this new era of “people-oriented” home decoration, HOPPE has not only won market recognition with its CombiFit combination window handles and other high-quality products, but has also established an excellent brand image in the hearts of consumers. In the future, HOPPE will continue to delve into the door and window handle industry, taking ergonomics as the design guide and technological innovation as the driving force for development, to bring more high-quality and humanized home experiences to consumers around the world.

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