Hisense Vacuum Brilliant Refrigerator Reshape Home Aesthetic Art!


Recently, Hisense Refrigerator has released a “stealth” Hisense Vacuum Bright 607 refrigerator. The launch of this refrigerator is not only an upgrade and perfection of the Hisense vacuum refrigerator matrix, but also marks the iterative innovation of “vacuum” technology 3.0. Hisense vacuum refrigerators not only bring new experiences to users, but also use innovative technology to subvert users’ imagination of home appliances, making refrigerators a work of art at home and improving the quality of life.

With the advent of the Z era, the changes in the consumption circle, self-pleasing consumption, exquisite consumption, and beauty consumption… have become the mainstream of young people’s consumption, and now home integration is becoming the mainstream home improvement trend, which is popular among young people. favorite. According to statistics, currently more than 80% of consumers hope to obtain the integrated use experience of refrigerators and households, but it is not easy to achieve such an effect, because when ordinary refrigerators are placed against walls or cabinets, there is always room for The distance between them should be about 10cm, otherwise the heat dissipation and energy consumption of the refrigerator will be affected.

To solve this technical problem, it is necessary to realize the standard upgrade from free embedment to zero-distance free embedment and then to zero-distance flat-embedded refrigerator. For this reason, when Hisense Vacuum Bright 607 refrigerator was developed, it positioned the standard of “full embedding” as the three dimensions of “zero embedding on both sides, flat embedding on the front without protruding, and no space waste” to create the most complete machine in the industry. Thin body, only 599.5mm thick, can perfectly fit the cabinet, hidden in the cabinet, truly invisible embedded, without leaving traces, no sanitary corners, no waste of space.

When technology and art collide, we believe it is aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. For a long time, Hisense Refrigerator has always insisted on concentrating on research and development, deeply cultivating products, and providing services with heart. Through the exploration of smart technology, it combines users’ pursuit of aesthetics and love of life. I believe that the arrival of Hisense Vacuum Refrigerator 607 is a perfect fusion of home aesthetics and technology, and it is also the finishing touch to explore the layout of the new generation of kitchen scenes. One product can integrate different kitchen and living aesthetic solutions to meet the individual needs of different apartment types, and it is a subversive creation that connects people and homes, home appliances, aesthetics, and creativity with wisdom.


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