Highlights of the 2023 Sharjah Light Festival | Sharjah night tour, landmark transformation


It has been almost a month since the 2023 Sharjah Light Festival, but the 12 nights of light and shadow show from February 8th to 19th are still fresh in my memory and deeply moving. Let’s review the magic together birth.

The Sharjah Light Festival is one of the world’s famous light festivals. 2023 is the 12th year of the Sharjah Light Festival. Rich cultural heritage, historical monuments and landmarks are dressed in fantastic colors, celebrating technology, creativity and tradition, and taking the audience on multiple journeys of urban landscapes, nature and the night sky.

Opening Ceremony of Sharjah Light Festival 2023

In mid-February, head to Sharjah for a cultural peak tour

The Sharjah Light Festival is an event rooted in Sharjah’s cultural identity and heritage charm, held annually by His Highness Dr. Under the leadership of Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, organized by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), it has developed into one of the most influential celebrations in Sharjah since 2010, attracting thousands of Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to watch it.

His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi addressing the opening ceremony

The Sharjah Light Festival is so large that it covers the entire emirate and extends to the east coast towns of Dibba, Khorfakkan and Kalba, enriching the travel experience for tourists. It combines aesthetics, art, culture, education, innovation and higher-order thinking in a profound and meaningful way to create a splendid and immersive “magic” festival. Masters specially create music for the Sharjah Light Festival, and the lighting is also specially designed, using the most cutting-edge new media art, with great artistic originality.

Al Noor Mosque

Al Hamriyah Municipality

University City Hall, Sharjah

Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn Fort)

Al Dhaid Fort

BEEAH Group Headquarters (BEEAH Headquarters)

Khorfakkan-Al Rafisah Dam

Carnival of fantasy, the most correct way to open the Sharjah night scene

In February, Sharjah became the most shining emirate under the night sky of the UAE. For 12 consecutive nights, 13 landmarks were connected in series, turning the city into a huge open-air art gallery, and making Sharjah engraved in the hearts of tourists through poetry and beauty.

Sharjah Mosque

Diba-Sheikh Rashid Al Qasimi Mosque (Masjid Sheikh Rashid Al Qasimi Mosque)

Kalba Clock Tower

Khalid Lagoon

The location of the Sharjah Light Festival is different every year, and each location is selected for its dramatic social background, or a popular tourist attraction, or a historical site that has witnessed the changes of the times, or shoulders important cultural significance. Either by virtue of the outstanding architectural aesthetics, or by adhering to the concept of sustainable development in harmony with nature.

Light Village at Sharjah University City Auditorium hosts a series of performances, food and entertainment

If you accidentally missed the Sharjah Light Festival this year, then next year, you must put the 2024 Sharjah Light Festival on your travel list. The beautiful photos will definitely blow your circle of friends!

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