“High-definition reversible million choices” Aier Ophthalmology ICL global operation volume eight consecutive times the expert meeting was successfully held in Tianjin Station-Health Home-Northern Network

“High-definition reversible million choices” Aier Ophthalmology ICL global operation volume eight consecutive times the expert meeting was successfully held in Tianjin Station-Health Home-Northern Network

On the morning of May 20th, “High Definition Reversible One Million Choice” Aier Ophthalmology’s global ICL surgery volume won the eighth consecutive championship. Myopia surgery expert meeting in Tianjin Station was successfully completed. The purpose of this event is to share the internationally synchronized myopia correction technology with myopia patients, interpret the international cutting-edge myopia correction scheme, and let more patients know about myopia surgery, so as to get rid of the trouble of wearing glasses.

Yuan Juan, CEO of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, Zhao Bo, Vice President of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, Yang Xuefei, an excellent doctor of the Refractive Surgery Center of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital, and Li Xiaozhu, manager of STAAR Beijing-Tianjin Northeast Region, and other guests attended the event.

As a leader in the field of ophthalmology, Aier Ophthalmology ranks at the forefront in terms of strength and influence in the global refractive field. At the beginning of the event, Dean Yuan Juan, CEO of Tianjin University Aier Ophthalmology Hospital, introduced Aier Ophthalmology’s excellent development path over the years from multiple perspectives, such as the development history of Aier Ophthalmology Hospital, the general situation of the hospital, the construction of medical teams, and high-quality services. To meet the diverse needs of patients.

 A Comprehensive Interpretation of Myopia Surgery Techniques

The safety of myopia surgery has always been the focus of attention of the majority of patients. At the event site, Dr. Yang Xuefei from the Refractive Surgery Center of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital gave a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation to the present friends from the perspectives of the principle of myopia, the current mainstream refractive correction methods and the safety of refractive surgery. Dr. Yang Xuefei said: “The technology of myopia surgery has been updating and breaking through. From the initial excimer laser, to femtosecond laser and then to crystal implantation, the maturity of myopia surgery technology has been trusted and chosen by more and more people with myopia. .”

“Because the eye conditions of each myopia patient are different, the suitable myopia surgery methods are also different. Aier Ophthalmology provides each myopia patient with a full-process, customized high-quality myopia correction solution, providing patients with Provide a more stable, more comfortable, and better postoperative visual experience!” said Dr. Yang Xuefei.

The visual feast of high-definition reversible ICL lens implantation

According to the “White Paper on Myopia Surgery for Chinese People”, the number of myopia patients in my country has exceeded 600 million. Among them, in terms of myopia degree distribution, high myopia patients accounted for nearly 30% of operations; in terms of lens implant surgery volume distribution, high myopia and ultra high myopia accounted for 86%. The emergence of ICL lens implantation allows patients with high myopia to start a new vision.

At the event site, Director Zhao Bo of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital gave a comprehensive and multi-angle display and explanation on different myopic groups and the selection of surgical methods. She said that ICL lens implantation can correct myopia from 50 to 1800 degrees, and it allows many patients suffering from high myopia and ultra-high myopia to have a better surgical option.

In order to help myopia patients correctly understand ICL lens implantation surgery, President Zhao Bo explained the ICL lens implantation surgery video on the spot, comprehensively and intuitively interpreted the whole process of ICL lens implantation to the friends present, and discussed ICL lens implantation surgery. The advantages and features are introduced in detail. Director Zhao Bo mentioned that the ICL crystal has good biocompatibility, it does not cut its own corneal tissue, and is reversible in high-definition, which can bring higher-definition visual quality to a wider range of myopia patients.

At the same time, the event site also invited patients after ICL lens implantation to share their “eye color” surgical experience, from the comparison before and after removing the lens, the changes brought about in life, work, study, appearance, etc., and how They shared their testimonials with their eyes and other aspects, so that friends at the scene can understand myopia surgery more intuitively and eliminate the fear of surgery.

High-definition reversible million choices Trust and choice of patients with high myopia

It has been more than 30 years since the first ICL lens was implanted in 1991. ICL lens implantation has been used in more than 70 countries around the world. More than 1 million patients have chosen ICL to regain high-definition vision. It is safe and reliable. Predictability, postoperative visual effect and long-term effectiveness have become the reasons why more and more patients are willing to choose ICL lens implantation.

Since 2015, Aier Ophthalmology has won the first place in the world in the number of ICL lens implantation operations for seven consecutive years. Institution (2015-2022)” title. At the event site, Li Xiaozhu, Manager of Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast Region of STAAR Company, presented the honorary medal of “Global No. 1 Medical Institution with ICL Surgery Volume (2015-2022)” to Aier Ophthalmology.

Since the introduction of ICL surgical equipment by Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University, Zhao Bo, the academic leader of the Refractive Surgery Center, has completed more than 4,000 cases of ICL lens implantation operations. Provide safe and reliable myopia correction services. At the event site, Mr. Li Xiaozhu, Beijing-Tianjin-Northeast Regional Manager of STAAR Company, specially awarded President Zhao Bo the honorary medal of “breaking 4,000 ICL operations”.

Everyone’s eyes are unique. In order to meet the individualized myopia correction needs of patients and achieve the dual goals of improving eyesight and improving visual quality, Tianjin University Aier Ophthalmology is committed to integrating internationally synchronized ophthalmic medical technology and better security. The myopia solution provided to the majority of patients. At the same time, set up a high myopia expert outpatient clinic to provide patients with an overall solution for high myopia that integrates inspection and correction. According to patients’ differentiated eye conditions and eye needs, comprehensively customize humanized surgical plans to help myopia patients to have Your own high-definition vision!

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