High-burning strikes!Balabala Ultraman jointly opened Guardian of Light for the first time

High-burning strikes!Balabala Ultraman jointly opened Guardian of Light for the first time

There is a hero in many people’s hearts. As the most classic and world-renowned hero image, Ultraman has become the light of hope that illuminates the hearts of countless people with his justice, courage and indomitable spirit. The classic “Do you believe in light?” has evolved into a “sign” for generations. To see the light and become the light has always been the romance in the hearts of many people.

Recently, Balabala, the leading brand of children’s wear in China, has also turned this light of hope and romance into reality, and the famous series of Cerro Altman is coming! Every generation has its own “Ultraman Zero”, and Barabara is the strongest “guardian” for children’s growth, where the passionate memories of childhood and the heroic complex of growing up meet here, bursting with energy. On the one hand, this joint series uses Altman Zero’s bravery, kindness and power to overcome all difficulties to convey courage, strength and unity to the children. On the other hand, this is another outing after Balabala launched a variety of IP joint names. With cutting-edge design and fabric technology, covering the growth needs of multiple scenarios, we will go to the Kingdom of Light with children and have a beautiful childhood.

Join hands with the hero IP Ultraman to open the Guardian of Light

The cosmic hero Ultraman was born in 1966. As a gigantic transformation hero, Ultraman has a high popularity in Asia and even the world, and also carries the feelings of Generation Z, especially the protagonist of this cooperation-Siro Terman is the strongest fighter of the younger generation of the Kingdom of Light. His justice, courage and unyielding attitude are the spiritual light that illuminates the hearts of countless young people.

As a well-known children’s fashion brand in China, Balabala is based on making children all over the world have a better childhood, keeping up with market changes and consumers’ most real ideas, and its products and designs are more in line with children’s growth needs. “Guarding the original intention of every child’s growth” made the two parties hit it off and resonate with each other. This joint name is not just a simple collision between the brand and IP, but also a mutual response at the spiritual core level. The childhood hero Ultraman Zero met the “Guardian of Light” in children’s wear, and created a heroic dream for children of “seeing the light, believing in the light, and chasing the light”.

This cooperation is also another breakthrough in the joint branding of Balabala. In addition to continuing to innovate in product design, the expression of the core spirit of the brand is also more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In fact, it is not difficult to see from Balabala’s actions in recent years that the brand is committed to encouraging brave, individual, and breakthrough self-expression through diversified IP joint art forms to meet the diverse needs of growth.

Inspired by this, the ultra-cool digital printing with the theme of Ultraman is transformed into a rallying order for the brave, creating dream suits for little heroes. The cool and eye-catching Ultraman’s unique attack print seems to be shouting the slogan “the brave have no fear, go forward without fear”. Put it on, and immediately save the world with Ultraman!

In the dark gray hardcore duel scene, the upper body instantly has the courage of Ultraman to accept the trial without fear of danger. The scene of Ultraman fighting all over the body, freezes the bloody battle. The collision of black and white and blue, supplemented by red embellishment, is full of vitality. It is a treasured T-shirt for cool boys.

The use of materials is also like magic. It combines cool touch, moisture absorption and quick drying, environmentally friendly fibers, high-efficiency antibacterial, and elastic shape retention. It can be called a hexagonal warrior. Among them, the most seasonal and commendable is the use of the new 180G magic yarn single-sided fabric, which has the characteristics of quick absorption in 4 seconds and quick drying of 1.5 times, and can quickly guide the excess heat and moisture emitted by the human body away from the body. Layers stay dry continuously and say goodbye to stickiness. In addition, combined with SORONA bio-based materials, it has AAA antibacterial power, the body feels smooth with ice silk, and the hand feels smooth and skin-friendly. Children can freely chase the light of hope whether they are in campus, sports or outdoor travel.

In addition, the exquisite details of the clothing are also full of ingenuity, conveying Balabala’s all-round thinking about protecting children. The tailoring is ergonomic, and the free raglan sleeves are loose and comfortable to wear, allowing you to move freely, and there is no tightness when stretching and lifting your hands. Balabala even launched light and casual home clothes, and Ultraman’s energy lamp of the same style that turned on the guardian of light, etc., to protect children in 360 degrees against summer.

Cross-border breaking circle immersive experience heroism

In order to allow children to get in touch with their own “heroes” at close range, and feel the dream come true, follow the light, and the high-burning emotions and atmosphere, Balabala officially released the Ultraman Frozen Theater in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park on March 12. Man’s first joint series. From immersive theater experience, interactive performances and catwalks to joint models that you can see and buy immediately, the sense of ritual and emotion is full, fully satisfying the play needs of children of all ages.

It was the static exhibition of the “Medal of Light” that first started the frenzy of checking in for friends. This exhibition has set up a number of popular check-in points. The original image of Ultraman and this joint clothing display run through the play line, forming a new check-in commemorative mark. Many KOLs and children who passed by staged a large-scale star-chasing scene and checked in one after another. As a souvenir, I experienced the joy of “running now”.

After visiting the exhibition, the wonderful performance with the theme of “Sparkle of Light” officially kicked off. In the middle of the stage, Sero and Beria had a fierce duel, and Ultraman Sero also released his nirvana. After the stage play ended, a light was focused on the children watching the performance. As the music sounded, he walked onto the stage, clapped hands with Ultraman, and successfully joined the team. Afterwards, a group of companions posing and holding light props followed suit. Walking to the front of the stage, wearing a battle suit to start a flash mob show. Immersive and one-stop experience, 360-degree restoration of the Ultraman universe, and various detailed designs that incorporate creative elements of Zero create a world of guardians of light for children to fight side by side with their own heroes and realize their dreams.

For Generation Z who grew up under the confidence of a big country, the pursuit of independence, individuality, justice and courage are their characteristics. This group of people does not need to be defined, they can protect the world. The name of Ultraman this time is another innovative attempt of BALATEE. BALATEE aims to create a T-shirt culture exclusive to children through cross-border joint names. Previously, BALATEE has cooperated with Disney, Pikachu, Wang Wang Team, Princess Elsa and other well-known IPs to create one after another trendy children’s T-shirt image. As a brand that understands children’s growth best, Balabala has insight into the characteristics of children, through immersive experience, entertaining and entertaining, and linking play-play-buy to build a matrix and method for dialogue with the younger generation.

Win-win symbiosis upgrade interprets “childhood is different”

IP co-branding is not a simple traffic transformation. At the moment when co-branding cooperation is becoming more and more popular, only by truly achieving the same spiritual resonance with consumers, spreading and renewing the brand concept, can the power of IP provide fresh water for the brand, Make brand memories.

In terms of cross-border joint names, Balabala, as a “pioneer” in the children’s wear industry, has been constantly exploring the innovative integration of IP connotation and clothing, breaking the circle and cultural barriers through cross-border joint names, thus injecting more creativity and vitality into the children’s wear market. Throughout the cooperation with Ultraman IP this time, whether it is their respective size influence, market share, matching of user groups, or the resonance of the spiritual core, Balabala and Ultraman have truly achieved a win-win symbiosis. They are also the “guardians” of children. In addition to continuing the fashion and comfort of clothing, they also widely pass on the values ​​​​of “justice, courage, protection, and hope” among children. With the support of this cross-border connection point, two brands in different fields have a wonderful chemical reaction, which arouses the emotional resonance of children’s parents and also inspires the “heroism” in the hearts of children.

This joint name is also a comprehensive upgrade of Balabala’s understanding of the positioning of “different childhood”. If we say that in the past, Balabala advocated and respected “difference” when Chinese society did not understand the importance of “difference”, then as a brand that understands children’s growth best, Balabala will play and assume the role of fully emphasizing and encouraging children from attitude to action. With support for “different” guardians. Pay attention to the differences of children in the budding moment of personality, inspire children and provide a stage, take practical actions, and support differences by adhering to the products, services and experiences of the TEDD system, so that they can grow into better selves because of their different childhoods.

The field of children’s wear is always full of vigorous new forces. As the leading brand on this track, Balabala is a pathfinder and a benchmark. Balabala has integrated freedom, courage, and justice into the spiritual world of children by virtue of its continuous exploration of children’s trends. It not only leads a positive, healthy and progressive lifestyle for children, but also completes a new annotation of the Chinese brand image and leads the upgrade of children’s trends. .

Using IP to empower brands across borders is a way for many children’s wear companies to achieve differentiated marketing. How to turn clothing into language, truly transform externalized clothing into “language”, and show the personality and spiritual interests of Generation Z is the next stop that many brands need to explore. Balabala’s crossover this time has achieved a comprehensive innovation from aesthetic style to cultural core, which is the embodiment of its forward-looking perspective. As a brand that has accompanied the growth of Chinese children for 21 years, Balabala will also shoulder the mission to start the guardian of light and grow together.

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