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Hermès Tianjin Vientiane City store opened a new curtain to expand China’s exploration journey

Hermès Tianjin Vientiane City store opened a new curtain to expand China’s exploration journey

On July 14, 2023, the Hermès Tianjin Vientiane City store opened at Yueshi, which is the first store opened by the brand in this coastal city. When French elegance and Jinyun culture are blended flexibly, the deep communication from ingenuity to cultural creativity starts from then on. Continuing the brand-new footprint of China’s exploration journey, Hermès officially opened its 28th store in mainland China, demonstrating the brand’s firm confidence in the long-term development of the Chinese market.

The entrance of the store, which combines Jinyun style, is composed of colorful glazed ceramics to draw rhythmic patterns, and the floor-to-ceiling transparent glass windows present distinct layers, opening a unique viewing angle for guests along the road. The new store is located on the first floor of the Mixc Shopping Center, and the elegant space presents a variety of Hermès product categories. The open store design continues the brand’s open and spacious visual sense as always, and the clear product divisions link up a smooth shopping space experience. Stepping into the store, you can enjoy the beauty of color in the women’s silk scarves area, and the fashion accessories area, perfume and beauty area on the right. After exploring the depths of the store through the furniture area, you can come to the women’s world area and the jewelry and watch area. Moving left from the women’s silk scarves area to the center of the store is the equestrian and leather products area that attracts people to stop. The other end of the central area is the men’s world area, including men’s shoes, fashion accessories and men’s scarves, which is also connected to another entrance in the store.

RDAI, a Paris-based architectural firm, complements the architectural art of Hermès with Tianjin’s unique heritage: the interesting Haihe River flows through Tianjin’s city charm and the salt flat logo, and the facade of the store reshapes the flow of time and space with changing colors The natural situation below shows the co-existence of the soil and the river for a long time, and the geometric shape of the crystal-like salt body cleverly depicts the natural and self-contained scenery.

The interior design bathed in soft light is exquisite and orderly. Hermès’ classic mosaic patterns are used as the background color of the space, and colorful custom-made carpets inject unique personality into different areas. Under the elegant light and shadow, the brightly colored decorative walls are full of vitality, endowing static objects with unique situational expressions. In the jewelry and watch area, the texture patterns of simulated mineral salt crystals are surrounded, allowing exquisite craftsmanship to be born simultaneously in the product and space, while the exquisite furniture and sofas provide guests with a private and comfortable place.

In addition, the Tianjin Vientiane City store presents a unique art journey with 21 pieces of exquisite art works. From the brand’s collection of modern photography, square scarf printing to lifelike paintings, Hermès is opening history and modernity in its own way. lively dialogue. The official opening of the first Tianjin store marks another important milestone in Hermès’ journey to China. When cultural ingenuity and ingenuity come with the wave, every loyal customer and new visitor can encounter the wonderful ideas that Hermès gives you in the brand-new store.

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