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Hengan Standard Life Tianjin Branch organized a series of activities on “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

On the occasion of the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, in order to continue to promote insurance publicity in depth and help improve the image of the insurance industry and the company’s brand promotion, Tianjin Branch closely focuses on “insurance strength, and strengthens you for the struggle” Based on the theme of “Energy”, a series of rich and colorful activities were organized in an orderly manner.

Since the launch of the “7.8 Healthy Life Every Day” insurance public welfare activity on June 25, Tianjin Branch has actively encouraged employees and customers to participate in daily health monitoring and insurance knowledge quiz-answering activities through the “78 Follow Your Heart” WeChat mini-program to donate love value, light up the public welfare map of Tianjin, and advocate a green and healthy lifestyle.

On July 6, Tianjin Branch actively organized employee representatives to participate in the public welfare walking activity organized by the Municipal Insurance Industry Association, which fully demonstrated our company’s sense of social responsibility and brand value. More than 500 colleagues and customers from 76 insurance institutions in the city participated in this event, which demonstrated the spirit of the insurers in the new era, enhanced communication and exchanges among peers, and jointly endorsed the insurance industry.

Tianjin Branch organized and carried out the “Insurance Five Entry” activity through “Going out, please come in”, and joined the community health center to enter the Ningfa Sunshine Community. At the event site, doctors from the community health center gave lectures on health care in summer, and employees of the company introduced financial knowledge such as anti-money laundering and telecommunications fraud prevention to community residents through real case explanations, which effectively improved the financial knowledge of community residents and improved their ability to prevent financial fraud. Fulfill the social responsibility of insurance companies to serve the public.

On July 7, Tianjin Branch held the insurance public welfare walking activity of “Singing for the New Journey, Running for the Green Environment” in Huaxia Future Park. The employees all dressed in uniform and recited the company’s vision with full emotion, showing their love for the company. Every smiling face showed the strength of youth, and every loud slogan inspired the morale of unity. They walked briskly to the public. Show a positive, optimistic and upward high-spirited demeanor. During the activity, everyone picked up the garbage that was randomly discarded in the park, and used practical actions to promote the concept of green environmental protection to the public and advocate a healthy and green lifestyle.

In the future, Tianjin Branch will continue to carry forward the spirit of “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, strengthen employees’ enthusiasm for participation, walk the road of struggle, shoulder the responsibility of life insurance, gather the strength of insurers, carry forward the spirit of insurers, further enhance brand influence, and stick to The bottom line of compliance operation will boost the company’s high-quality development and jointly build a brilliant blueprint for the insurance industry.

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