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Helping Yuelongmen China Life to take on the role? China Life Insurance Company launched the “College Entrance Examination Station” service

Helping Yuelongmen China Life to take on the role? China Life Insurance Company launched the “College Entrance Examination Station” service

In order to give full play to the advantages of high-quality service and frontage of the counters of financial service outlets and enhance the value of convenience and benefit to the people, during the 2023 college entrance examination, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) is approaching the college entrance examination in 278 cities across the country. The 1,582 counters in the examination room have launched a series of warm services of “College Entrance Examination Station”, providing college entrance examination candidates and parents with a special rest area for accompanying examinations, nursing examination materials and other service items. Feelings for the people.

1. Set up a special area to provide high-quality companion test guarantee

(1) “Relate to where you are” to create an atmosphere of test assistance services

Outside the counter, China Life Insurance Company designed a nationally unified “College Entrance Examination Station” signage, which was hung on the facade or placed on the ground, and the “College Entrance Examination Station” was played on the LED electronic scrolling screen to help the college entrance examination and other reminders; on the counter Inside, theme posters and promotional videos are displayed through vertical cloud signage, multimedia TV and other electronic equipment.

(2) “As you wish”, open an online reservation channel

In order to expand the reach of the “College Entrance Examination Station” service and facilitate customer appointments and counter arrangements in advance, China Life Insurance Company quickly launched the “College Entrance Examination Station” online appointment function before the college entrance examination. By logging into the China Life Insurance App, Life Insurance Official WeChat, and the online counter appointment service module of the Life Insurance Mini Program, you can find the highlighted “College Entrance Examination Post Station” label on the home page, which is convenient for parents of candidates to check the traffic location of the counters of the service outlets and Make an appointment to take a number; on the management side, quickly support the localized configuration of each counter through personalized label management. During the college entrance examination period, a total of 3,914 appointment requests for “college entrance examination stations” were received across the country, accounting for 42.4% of the total reception.

(3) “Know what you need” and set up a special rest area for accompanying exams

  The service outlets of China Life Insurance Company make full use of waiting rest areas, VIP rooms, etc., and set up special rest areas in relatively quiet open areas, providing space for sitting, standing, and walking. Some counters set up sunshades outdoors according to actual needs, extending the “college entrance examination station” to the vicinity of the examination center.

  Jiangsu Yangzhou BranchThere are two test centers within 200 meters of the counter. The VIP room was urgently transformed into a test companion area. Parents reported that it was quiet and comfortable.Xinjiang Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture BranchThe counter is close to a middle school test site, and usually receives about 40 customers per day. As the only unit in the area that provides companion test services, the Bazhou Branch attaches great importance to it, deploys and selects party members and backbone members in advance to support the “College Entrance Examination Station” activity, and receives companions An average of 110 test takers and test takers per day. While guaranteeing the service at the counter, it provided test companion service in an orderly manner, and found a parent Ms. Zhang of a heat stroke examinee during the service, and promptly sent her to the special area inside the counter to relieve the heat and cool down, and received her heartfelt thanks.Tacheng BranchThe outdoor awning built near the test site also left a cool and deep memory for the parents of the test takers.

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