Helping the National Health Sunshine Life Launch Brain Health Service Activities

Helping the National Health Sunshine Life Launch Brain Health Service Activities

On April 15, the service activity “Sunshine Sends Care, Starting from Brain Health” initiated by Sunshine Life was officially launched. The event is open to the whole country, aiming to popularize the scientific knowledge of brain health, help the general public to establish “early prevention, early detection, early intervention” awareness, and promote brain health screening in an orderly manner.

Brain health-related diseases, including neurodevelopmental diseases, mental diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases, have always been major public health problems. However, due to the complexity of the human brain, there is currently a lack of effective treatments for related diseases. There is no specific medicine to cure or reverse the disease, so early screening, early diagnosis, and early intervention are the main means to reduce the incidence of brain diseases.

In this event, Sunshine Life and Shanghai Yingtong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. provide customers with brain health risk detection services, through scanning the retina of the fundus, to screen the risks of brain-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis, dementia, and brain tumors. This detection is scientific, convenient, and non-invasive. The artificial intelligence algorithm based on fundus photos can accurately identify high-risk groups of dementia within 30-40 seconds. This study was led by the team of researcher Xie Wuxiang from Peking University Clinical Research Institute, and the research results were published in the top international journal “Age and Aging” in the field of geriatrics. In addition, relying on online multi-dimensional and gamified tests, it screens cognitive risks of brain health for customers, and provides customers with customized training courses such as cognitive exercise, cognitive training games, and emotional management based on the screening results. Through online and offline all-round services, build a customer interaction platform, provide intervention and prevention advice, and improve brain health based on training courses. It is reported that this event will last until August 15, and consumers can consult the Sunshine Life Insurance agents around them for more information and to participate in the event.

Sunshine Life will launch the “Vertical and Horizontal Plan” in 2022. In terms of product system, it will provide customers and their family members of different ages with comprehensive protection covering medical care, accident, critical illness, life insurance and annuity. In terms of service system, it will create a “Sunshine· The two sub-brands “Orange” and “Sunshine·Zhenchuan” provide a multi-level “insurance +” ecological service system precisely around the core needs of family customers. This brain health service activity is another powerful measure to implement the company’s strategy.

As an insurance company with warmth, love and courage, Sunshine Life always adheres to the core value pursuit of “all for customers”, practices the service motto of “let our service become the reason why customers choose Sunshine”, and is committed to serving customers Continuously provide better products and more considerate services.

Note: This brain health risk detection service is provided by Shanghai Yingtong Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a third-party supplier of Sunshine Life Insurance. The test results are for customer reference only and should not be relied upon. Sunshine Life does not assume any legal responsibility.
The health check is based on retinal image data, personal indicators and lifestyle questionnaires provided by the subjects. The final results are only responsible for the data and samples provided by the subjects; all information in the test report is for reference only and cannot replace professional doctor’s opinion, nor does it have any function or purpose of clinical diagnosis and treatment.


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