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Helping the development and inheritance of traditional culture, Kuaishou live broadcast provides a new stage

Helping the development and inheritance of traditional culture, Kuaishou live broadcast provides a new stage

In the live broadcast room, Mei Lanfang’s third-generation direct descendant @男丹东飞, who is committed to traditional art innovation, made Mei’s Peking Opera shine on the screen of the mobile phone; Henan opera actor @震术娜 is carrying out “New Spread of Old Opera”, Started the second spring of the business. Nowadays, the anchors of the quintessence of Chinese opera are indispensable in the Kuaishou live broadcast room every night, not only allowing old fanciers to enjoy their favorite opera performances without leaving home, but also attracting countless young people who are “conquered” by this quintessence of Chinese art.

Not limited to operas, all kinds of traditional culture can only reproduce vitality and vitality through inheritance and innovation only by breathing the breath of the times. How to make traditional culture close to life and how to integrate opera and ancient skills into the times has become a social issue in the tide of cultural revitalization. The short video live broadcast platform represented by Kuaishou continues to increase support for traditional cultural content, and is constantly expanding and deepening the communication channels of traditional culture, revitalizing and reshaping the survival and business model of practitioners.

  In Kuaishou, N ways to open traditional culture

As short videos and live broadcasts run through daily life, Kuaishou, which covers the life scene of the Chinese market and trusts the social ecology, has already become a new fertile ground for promoting traditional culture. An offline performance often only has thousands of viewers, but a live broadcast can attract millions of people. The huge empowering effect of the live broadcast attracts more and more practitioners of traditional culture to go online. As of May 2023, there are more than 155,000 traditional cultural anchors on Kuaishou, and an average of more than 40,000 traditional cultural anchors including intangible cultural heritage broadcast on Kuaishou every day.

  According to the data, the average age of Kwai Fu’s traditional cultural anchors is over 31 years old, and the number of fans is concentrated in the range of 10-1 million.Live broadcasts and short videos break geographical and time boundaries. Despite being in different regions and different cities, years of professional accumulation allow traditional cultural anchors to use live broadcasts and short videos to pass on the heritage of traditional culture to more Kuaishou users.

Open the Kuaishou live broadcast, users can hear the moving melody of the pipa, see the flashing performance of shadow puppets, and enjoy the lively colors of local operas… Kuaishou’s inclusive digital community attributes enable practitioners in different fields to find stage and fans. It is reported that folk art, musical instruments, calligraphy and painting are the four most active categories of Kuaishou traditional cultural anchors. Among them, folk art, handicraft, weaving and folk art anchors have the largest share; among musical instruments, there are not a few anchors of suona, erhu, and flute/xiao .

At the same time, Kuaishou live broadcast also provides opportunities for practitioners of local traditional culture, strengthens cross-regional communication, and breaks through the boundaries of crowd circles. The top 5 regions where Kuaishou traditional culture anchors are located are Jilin, Henan, Shaanxi, Hebei, and Liaoning. In the live broadcast room, the traditional culture, which was originally limited to regional customs, went out of the country, opened up new markets in the digital community, found new increments, and gained more fans. Therefore, Kuaishou fans of traditional culture are distributed in a wide range of regions and groups of people, and young people are also particularly fond of traditional culture.

According to public information, in 2022, there will be more than 20 million intangible cultural heritage and folk art live broadcasts on the Kuaishou platform, of which 2.48 million live broadcasts of operas alone. As the Kuaishou live broadcast ecology further matures, practitioners of traditional culture scattered all over the world are constantly rejuvenating through the Kuaishou live broadcast platform; the diversified and high-quality traditional culture is also spreading, inheriting, developing and even integrating. More room for reverie.

  Live broadcast room, reshaping the realization path of traditional cultural value

Recently, the famous actor He Saifei spoke tearfully for the actors of Jin Opera, causing netizens to pay attention to the living conditions of opera actors and the inheritance and development of opera art. The topic quickly rushed to the hot search. It is not limited to opera, how to make traditional culture close to life and integrate ancient skills into the contemporary era has become a social issue in the tide of cultural revitalization.

While endowing traditional culture with a more systematic dissemination capability, Kuaishou Live Broadcast also opens the door to the market for practitioners of traditional culture with the help of technological strength and platform advantages. In addition to earning income from interacting with fans in the live broadcast room, some traditional cultural anchors also earn income in Kuaishou through live teaching and live streaming, realizing re-employment + income value + cultural transmission value.

The descendant of Mei Pai @男丹东飞 insists on inheriting the quintessence of the country, making Peking Opera shine in the live broadcast room; Henan opera actor @震术娜 took a break from the stage for some reason, and carried out “new communication of old operas” in the live broadcast room, starting the second spring of his career; Bowstring musician @小丹ERHU went abroad for exchanges many times, and the live show not only gained more recognition, but also attracted a large number of students; the post-00 artist @李艺·双脸打牙 practiced hard for 6 years, and made the ancient skills popular through live broadcasts; @天官第元兴亲教师-Shanshan brings traditional culture online, making traditional skills glow with new brilliance… Traditional cultural anchors in different fields can find new stages, new audiences and new inheritances in Kuaishou.

Carrying forward the excellent traditional culture has a long way to go, and Kuaishou Live Streaming spares no effort to make the dissemination and inheritance happen at any time. In order to create room for growth of traditional culture, when Kuaishou Live launched the high-quality content-oriented support policy, it also included traditional cultural track anchors such as traditional folk art, traditional musical instruments, traditional skills, and folk crafts. It is stated that for anchors who meet the conditions, a guaranteed reward policy ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 yuan will be given. At the same time, it is hoped that the guild will expand the recruitment of high-quality anchors with this policy.

In order to better support the inheritance of traditional culture, Kuaishou Live has also opened up a separate track to help the growth of such content and anchors through various activities. Last year, in the 2022 Kuaishou Live Broadcasting Annual Ceremony, an annual large-scale event, Kuaishou Live Broadcasting added a “Fire Camp Grand Ceremony” schedule, putting traditional cultural content such as opera, folk music, and musical instruments into a carnival for the whole people. Culture sets the stage. This year, Kuaishou Live will tilt more traffic and operating resources to traditional cultural vertical categories. By launching vertical competitions, such as Quyi New Storm and other activities, and adding folk art and musical instrument tracks to the Starlight Competition, traditional cultural The anchor provides a faster growth path and a broader development stage.

Protection and inheritance are issues that cannot be avoided in traditional culture. The development of short videos and live broadcasts not only integrates the elements of the times into cultural inheritance, activates the new generation of users’ love for traditional culture, but also creates a new path from cultural inheritance to realization and exploration. In the future, Kuaishou Live will continue to empower practitioners of traditional culture in an all-round way through ecological construction, resource support, creative guidance, and commercial realization, so that Kuaishou will become a new window to show the world’s excellent traditional culture.

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