Helping business and benefiting farmers, Tonglian Payment Network Service Co., Ltd. helps accelerate “rural revitalization”

Helping business and benefiting farmers, Tonglian Payment Network Service Co., Ltd. helps accelerate “rural revitalization”

If the nation is to rejuvenate, the village must be rejuvenated. Promoting rural revitalization in an all-round way is the basic plan to ensure the smooth progress of the country’s modernization drive. The “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2023” issued a few days ago pointed out that it is necessary to solidly promote key tasks such as rural development, rural construction, and rural governance, speed up the construction of a strong agricultural country, and build a livable, industrial and beautiful village. , Lay a solid foundation for a good start in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

As a payment-based financial technology service company, Tonglian Payment Network Service Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Tonglian Payment) actively responds to policy calls, relies on payment services, leverages its advantages in technology, business, scenarios, resources, etc., innovates product systems, and expands application scenarios , to provide powerful and warmer products and services for the countryside, and help the revitalization and development of the countryside.

Customized payment products and solutions to improve the rural payment environment

“When doing agricultural transactions, I always transfer money to the card afterwards, and I always worry that the money will not arrive smoothly”; “I seldom carry the card with me, let alone remember the card number”… Rural payment environment Construction is an important part of the rural revitalization strategy. Tonglian Pay goes deep into various scenes of rural production and life, and relies on the natural advantages of basic payment services to help rural revitalization, and launches a series of customized payment products and solutions to help improve the rural payment environment.

Recently, Tonglian Payment Shandong Branch has reached a cooperation with Boxing County Rural Water Supply Management Center, using Tonglian Payment’s self-developed product “HuiPay”, allowing villagers to inquire about water, electricity, gas and other order information on the payment section of WeChat. And the payment can be completed anytime and anywhere, and the children who are away can also pay online for the elderly at home, successfully helping the villagers to realize high-frequency life matters “palm-handled”. Through “Smart Bill Payment”, the Rural Water Supply Management Center of Boxing County can also improve the efficiency of fee collection. It does not require employees to read meters in each village every month, and does not need to connect with WeChat, which significantly saves cost investment.

In addition, “Smart Payment” also supports the completion of payment by following the WeChat official account of the water supply management center, importing orders into the water supply management center system, and villagers entering the business number to verify the water fee, and then the payment can be completed. No matter which payment method is used, the water supply management center uses a system for reconciliation, which greatly reduces the pressure on financial reconciliation.

Expand the new scene of “fee reduction and profit sharing” to help rural market players “move forward lightly”

Compared with large-scale enterprises, the financing ability of rural market entities is relatively weak. At the same time, they are the “main force” for innovation and entrepreneurship and for absorbing rural employment. Based on this, Tonglian Pay has deeply explored new scenarios and new business formats, and created a special plan to help businesses and farmers, so that the value of fee reduction and profit sharing can be doubled in rural areas.

For example, in the application of digital renminbi, based on its implementation of the free strategy consistent with cash and the product characteristics of payment and settlement, Tonglian Pay will combine the digital renminbi pilot with the national call for fee reduction and profit sharing, and promote the construction of a digital renminbi acceptance environment. Small, medium and micro enterprises reduce the cost of handling fees and increase the utilization rate of funds. On this basis, Tonglian Pay and various operating agencies actively carry out rich digital currency preferential marketing activities in many places, and export digital renminbi application capabilities to large, medium and small merchants, and platform-level merchants, constantly mining and amplifying digital renminbi to boost consumption, The diversified value of benefiting enterprises to bail out and serving people’s livelihood.

At the same time, Tonglian Pay also reduces fees and benefits to bring rain to the vast fields, promotes precise drip irrigation with fee reductions and benefits, and reduces the burden on rural market entities. It is reported that on the basis of the current nationwide implementation of small and micro fee reduction preferential rates, Tonglian Payment will further reduce fees and profit for the business of benefiting farmers and helping farmers, and feed back relevant benefits to farmers and farmers. To help rural market players solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing.

The countryside is a field full of hope and a fertile ground for the development of financial services. Next, Tonglian Payment will take payment as the fulcrum, go deep into various scenarios of farmers’ lives, agricultural production and rural economy, continuously innovate and optimize the financial service model, and provide more efficient and high-quality services for more agriculture-related enterprises, village collective economy and farmers. Payment and financial technology services help speed up rural revitalization.


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