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Help spring recruits! Yadea electric vehicles lead you all the way!

Help spring recruits! Yadea electric vehicles lead you all the way!

Since mid-February, the “spring recruitment season” of colleges and universities has kicked off one after another. It is understood that this year, both the number of employers, the number of graduates participating, and the frequency of job fairs held in colleges and universities have greatly increased compared with the same period last year. In the face of numerous job fairs in colleges and universities, if you are not careful, you will face the dilemma of time crash and poor commuting. Taking into account the actual needs of many job seekers, Yadea launched a special event for the 2023 Spring Recruitment, multi-faceted, multi-channel, and multi-measures, to provide heart-warming and considerate employment services.

Caption: Yadi warm orange service team

In order to alleviate the pressure of commuting costs for job seekers, Yadea Electric Vehicles has launched Jingdong coupons 9.9 to 100 yuan, and students and teachers can enjoy special discounts on car purchases and other welfare activities. The release of the event continued to spark heated discussions among netizens, “Come on for the spring recruitment!” Through this move, Yadea electric vehicles resonated with netizens, and also appealed to the majority of netizens to work together to cheer and help job seekers in the spring recruitment season.

At this special stage of spring recruitment, Yadea also brought the same Yadea GN Q7 and Yadea DS6L light version of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, two long-endurance models with both appearance and strength. Among them, the DS6L light version with unique trendy aesthetics, “ultra-long battery life, one call at a glance” helps job seekers to work steadily; Yadi Guanneng Q7 with retro appearance, “ultra-long battery life, easy 100 kilometers” helps you Job seekers’ daily commuting status is full.

The road to job hunting is a marathon journey, which requires a long standby battery life. Therefore, when choosing a car, brand service is very important. As the industry’s first brand to win the “Top 10 National After-sales Service Industry” and “National National Standard Five-Star After-sales Service Enterprise”, Yadea has carried out five-star service certification work in more than 40,000 stores across the country, providing benchmarking services throughout, and providing users with Provide thoughtful and considerate services. In particular, the “Yardi Car Service” brand, which took the lead in defining industry service standards, has realized the fast road rescue mode of “24h door-to-door, 5-minute response, 30-minute arrival, and 15-minute quick repair”, setting a new record for the industry’s service timeliness. The “Yardi Warm Orange Service Action” has been held for thirteen consecutive sessions. While effectively solving the pain points for consumers, it further conveys the brand’s temperature and narrows the distance between the brand and consumers.

Over the past 25 years, Yadea has always adhered to the brand mission of “enabling hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel”, and accompanied and witnessed every important moment of global users with its accumulated strength and cutting-edge technological strength. This time, Yadea will continue to stick to its mission and protect thousands of sincere and lovely dreams! Take a breeze, and I hope you will skyrocket!

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