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Hello Voice’s parent company joins hands with police and schools to protect minors’ online safety

Hello Voice’s parent company joins hands with police and schools to protect minors’ online safety

In today’s digital age, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, especially for curious minors. The online world is not only a paradise full of knowledge and fun, but also lurks many security risks. In order to create a healthy and safe online environment and protect the online safety of minors, Guangzhou Baiguoyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Hello Voice, actively assumes social responsibilities and protects the online life of minors.

In order to further advocate young people to use the Internet in a civilized, safe, and rational manner, on the afternoon of November 24, 2023, the Guangzhou Internet Culture Association, Panyu District Media Center, Panyu District Internet Culture Association, and the voice live broadcast platform-Hello Voice parent company Guangzhou City Baiguoyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. co-organized the “Building a Strong Line of Defense and Protecting Growth” minors’ network protection into campus activities. More than 150 teachers and students from three sixth-grade classes of Shiqiao Central Primary School in Panyu District, Guangzhou participated. This event is a series of activities for the online protection of minors at the 2023 Guangzhou Internet Civilization Conference.

During the event, Police Officer Wu Zhilin from the Internet Police Brigade of the Panyu District Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City taught network security and network civilization education courses to the students at the scene with real and vivid case analysis, allowing the students to have an in-depth understanding of network security regulations and basic knowledge of civilized Internet surfing. .

The interactive experience session aroused strong interest among the students present. After scanning the ordinary QR code with the mobile phone, it turned out to be a minesweeper game. However, in the background, the front camera, microphone and other permissions of the mobile phone had been quietly opened. …With the help of special simulation equipment, real network traps were presented, and students immersed themselves in network security risk simulation scenarios. After the experience, many students expressed that they had benefited a lot, “Today made me more intuitively aware of the potential dangers of the Internet world. I will definitely develop a good habit of using the Internet in a civilized and safe manner in the future.”

Subsequently, all the leading guests, teachers and students at the scene read out the “Convention on Internet Civilization for Youth in the New Era”, pledging to work together to create a civilized, safe and green online environment and build a protective wall for young people to surf the Internet in a civilized, safe and rational way.

The event came to an end with the students’ firm and powerful reading. Through lively and interesting language skills and professional simulation equipment, this activity launched a unique online safety education journey for children, in order to press the “start button” for minors to surf the Internet in a civilized manner and build a solid foundation for minors to surf the Internet in a civilized manner. A safe “green shield” for people’s protection.

Internet civilization relies on you and me to build a clear and good environment together. In the next step, the organizers will more consciously shoulder the social responsibility of protecting minors, use multiple parties to work together to protect the legitimate rights and interests of “un” cyberspace, and use solid measures and practical results to promote the continued deepening and solidification of the work of protecting minors online.

The close cooperation between Guangzhou Baiguoyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Hello Voice, and the police and schools is not only conducive to creating a clearer and safer online space for minors, but also reflects the company’s determination in the protection of minors. and commitment. In the future, Baiguoyuan Network will continue to adhere to its original intention and work with all sectors of society to protect the online safety of minors.

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