Hello, I am Dongfeng Nano! It’s the first time we meet, please keep this tens of thousands of gifts!

Hello, I am Dongfeng Nano! It’s the first time we meet, please keep this tens of thousands of gifts!

my country’s small pure electric vehicle market has once again ushered in major changes. Recently, Dongchuang Zilian (Wuhan) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on small pure electric vehicles, announced that it has officially changed its name to Dongfeng Automobile Nano Technology Co., Ltd. This change of name is a new starting point, which not only means that Dongfeng Nano focuses on small pure electric competitions The positioning of Dao is more clear, and it also shows that Dongfeng Nano has officially opened the road of independent brand operation as the secondary plate of Dongfeng Group. As soon as the news came out, the entire car circle was immediately detonated. This means that the Chinese auto market has finally ushered in the first car brand focusing on small pure electric cars. With the rebirth of the company, Dongfeng Nano also simultaneously launched the user gratitude and gift season activities to repay the love of users with tens of millions of gifts. This sincere “meeting ceremony” undoubtedly brought a big surprise to consumers.

  High hopes are placed on Dongfeng Nano to develop small pure electric vehicles to the end

In the Chinese auto market in 2023, major changes unseen in a century are taking place. The rejuvenation of Dongfeng Nano is expected to break the current pattern of the small pure electric market, and at the same time, it will also show the strength of China’s first car brand focusing on small pure electric vehicles. In fact, the launch of Dongfeng Nano has long been traced. Following the capital increase to 890 million yuan in 2022, in January this year, Dongfeng Group once again completed the capital increase of Dongchuang Zilian, raising the registered capital to 1.8 billion yuan. Daxin base project. It can be said that Dongfeng Group has paved the way for the launch of Dongfeng Nano, and has high hopes.

In recent years, Dongfeng Group has made frequent moves in the field of new energy vehicles. Dongfeng Nano is another strategic layout of Dongfeng in the field of new energy after Lantu Automobile and Mengshi Technology. Different from the high-end smart electric brand Lantu and the luxury electric off-road brand Mengshi, Dongfeng Nano focuses on the small pure electric market. Layout blanks.

It can be seen that Dongfeng Nano bears the heavy responsibility of Dongfeng Group to develop the small pure electric market. The previous measures such as capital increase and construction of new bases have also confirmed Dongfeng Group’s support and development determination for Dongfeng Nano. There is reason to believe that with the strong support of Dongfeng Group and the successful experience accumulated in the small pure electric market in the past two years, Dongfeng Nano will not only have the ability to redefine small pure electric vehicles, but will also live up to expectations and make China’s first The car brands focusing on small pure electric vehicles are shining brightly.

  Wanwanhao celebrates the good time for new consumers to buy cars

At present, with the official withdrawal of state subsidies and rising raw material prices, the threshold for consumers to purchase new energy vehicles has been further raised. This time, Dongfeng Nano took the opportunity of changing its name to simultaneously launch the user gratitude season activity, thanking users for their support and companionship with tens of thousands of gifts, which brought enough sense of ceremony to celebrate the new students.

It is understood that Dongfeng Nano has brought rich “meeting gifts” to consumers in this event, which can be described as full of sincerity. From March 3, 2023 to March 31, 2023, users who log in to the “Dongfeng EV” WeChat applet, participate in the “1 yuan to 2,000 yuan car purchase subsidy” activity online and complete the payment of 1 yuan, can get a 2,000 The coupons for yuan purchases can be deducted when purchasing the Nano BOX Lightning Edition Lightning Type, Nano BOX Lightning Edition Advanced Type, and Nano BOX Chasing Wind Edition. This limited-time surprise discount has effectively reduced the cost of car purchases for users. Friends who have car purchase plans can now consult dealers in their area for more detailed discount information. Not only that, but there are more exclusive gifts to give back to the old customers of Dongfeng Nano. In addition, with the assistance of the “0 down payment” financial policy, users can easily drive the Nano BOX home with zero pressure.

Multiple surprises are on the scene, and Dongfeng Nano rewards users with substantial benefits, which also ushers in a good time for more consumers to buy cars.

  Five leapfrog products to redefine scooter

If the new name of Dongfeng Nano will redefine small pure electric vehicles, then its blockbuster model Nano BOX will redefine scooter with continuous advanced product strength. At present, my country’s scooter market has officially ushered in a “breakout battle” after a period of rapid growth. In the scooter market where products are blowing out, where does Nano BOX redefine the confidence of scooter?

In the scooter market dominated by 3-door pure electric vehicles, the leapfrog product strength of nano BOX is exactly the confidence to redefine scooter. As a 60,000-class pure electric pure SUV, Nano BOX has five advantages of fast charging, 5 doors, large space, strong chassis, and high safety, which makes up for most of the same-level scooter in terms of energy replenishment, space, and driving control. In terms of shortcomings, it endows the scooter with richer use value and travel fun.

Thanks to its five advantages, the Nano BOX enables use scenarios such as temporary fast charging, family trips, weekend camping, short-distance outdoors, and climbing over hurdles to be fully realized on a 60,000-class pure electric scooter. In the future, Nano BOX will continue to improve its product strength to create a benchmark for the quality of scooters, so that scooters are not limited to transportation.

As China’s first car brand focusing on small pure electric vehicles, Dongfeng Nano is taking advantage of its good development momentum and making a new start on the small pure electric track. On this road, Dongfeng Nano has both the determination to deeply cultivate the track and the ability to win the race. We expect Dongfeng Nano to bring surprises beyond expectations to the small pure electric market and bring users a higher quality of pure electric life. .

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