Heading towards a 100-billion-dollar market and exploring the unlimited business opportunities in the new energy vehicle industry with AWC 2024


At present, China’s new energy vehicles are accelerating to lead the world and achieve leapfrog catch-up. They not only maintain a leading position in the production and export of new energy vehicles, but also lead the global wave of vehicle electrification in the trend of carbon neutrality. Benefiting from the guidance and support of national strategic development plans and policies, significant progress has been made in the research and development and market popularization of new energy vehicles, and it has also provided Chinese automobile companies with a huge domestic market as a greenhouse for technology and product iteration.

As a global innovative new energy and intelligent connected vehicle industry B2B professional exhibition, AWC 2024 Shenzhen International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Expo” (hereinafter referred to as “AWC 2024”) will be held from November 6th to 8th in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center was held grandly. Relying on the development needs of China’s smart car industry, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and highly integrating the resource advantages of Reed Exhibitions’ global network layout, AWC 2024 is committed to creating a new event focusing on An integrated whole-industry ecological event that integrates energy and intelligent connected vehicle design, development, manufacturing and supply chain, promotes upstream and downstream enterprises to achieve high-frequency, efficient and high-quality deep integration, and breeds new opportunities for industry development!

  hairwaveCRadiation effect, expanding international business circle

According to the latest policy adjustments of the National Immigration Administration, multinational companies can participate in the Chinese market more conveniently through the implementation of a series of measures such as multi-country visa exemption policies, simplified visa procedures, and relaxed application conditions. As the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, China will be an important hub for learning and exchanges in the overseas new energy vehicle industry chain.

AWC 2024 has a total of 50,000? of one-stop business space, which will bring together people from more than 50 countries and integrate 1,000+ products covering automotive electronics, new energy vehicle core components, autonomous driving, smart cockpits, power batteries, motor electronic control, charging and replacement A high-quality supply chain enterprise for products and technologies such as electrical equipment, new materials, engineering and equipment. In addition, the organizers will also help exhibitors to open up the international market and invite 1,500 overseas buyers from ASEAN, Europe and the United States. By then, it is expected that there will be a total of 38,000+ buyers from domestic and overseas OEMs and first-tier suppliers in procurement, design, R&D, quality Professional visitors from other departments attended the exhibition, and promoted the effective conversion of orders through a series of diversified activities held on site, as well as promoting in-depth exchanges of cutting-edge technologies and application cases in the industry. Overseas companies are also expected to deepen cooperation with Chinese companies through AWC 2024, accelerate cross-border cooperation and exchanges in the global new energy vehicle industry, and jointly promote the goal of sustainable development.

  High-frequency activation of market dialogue,AWCYear-round chain supporting services,Get moreBusiness

Linking the market and matching supply and demand, AWC 2024’s industry chain exchange activities will run throughout the year. Before the exhibition, we will reach the target market in multiple dimensions and hold more than 10 series of activities to visit OEMs and first-tier suppliers on a monthly basis; during the exhibition, we will focus on precise tracks, focusing on customized automotive electronics, core components and The smart cockpit holds three major segmented theme purchasing and matching meetings; and throughout the year, it maintains real-time demand communication with buyers through the responsive service of the TAP Specially Invited Buyer Team (“TAP”), and efficiently promotes one-on-one business matching services. Through AWC’s year-round chain supporting services, we can achieve seamless online and offline connection, efficiently integrate resources, help exhibitors capture the latest trends in the new energy vehicle industry with one click, expand the industrial business network, and promote the organic connection between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

  “Self-made” comes first, and100+Industry leaders speak on the same channel

At present, my country’s new energy vehicles are developing rapidly, and it is expected that the penetration rate of complete vehicles will exceed 40% in 2024. Looking around the world, the trend of vehicle electrification is also advancing in depth against the background of carbon neutrality. How should major new energy vehicle companies use new strategies and tactics to stand out in the market? At the same time, with the boom in going overseas, how can car companies find the right market entry point and be the first to expand into overseas markets? And how can major supply chain companies capture trends in a timely manner, meet market demands and maintain competitive advantages?

As a benchmark for the new energy vehicle industry, AWC 2024 will hold 20+ high-end forums focusing on core topics such as in-vehicle chips, new energy and electricity, and smart cockpits during the same period. It will gather 100+ experts from global automotive think tanks and industry leaders to gain insights into industry upgrading and optimization. Understand cutting-edge technology trends and in-depth analysis of practical application cases, explore the difficulties and pain points of independent research and development, face the transformation inflection point to promote product reshaping, and help companies create new energy and intelligent connected vehicle products with differentiation and market competitiveness, providing new energy The development of the automobile industry has injected more vitality.

  Global linkage, cross-value chain collaboration and win-win results

AWC 2024 will integrate the four major related industry exhibitions of automobiles, electronics, display, and new materials at the same time, and jointly present a cross-value chain annual exhibition with an exhibition area of ​​160,000 square meters, aiming to promote effective collaboration among related industries and achieve cross-field cooperation. Winners and buyers share mutual goals. By then, it is expected to attract more than 150,000 visitors from the automotive and related industries. It will not only fully meet the multiple needs of buyers across multiple industry chains, but will also create a more diverse and three-dimensional business platform for exhibitors and visitors, and will also facilitate industry exchanges and exchanges. Cooperation provides broader space and opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and expand horizons!

From November 6th to 8th, 2024, AWC2024 will create a professional exhibition and communication platform for the industry across the upstream and downstream of the industry from design, research and development to production and manufacturing of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles. Valuable online and offline activities help exhibitors broaden their business boundaries and expand business channels! The exhibition is currently attracting investment, book your booth now and seize the opportunity!


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