He Yang Yang baby food supplement wheat age-based modeling noodles, exclusive small size for babies, unlocking more interesting elements

He Yang Yang baby food supplement wheat age-based modeling noodles, exclusive small size for babies, unlocking more interesting elements

Whether it is from a nutritional point of view or from the needs of digestion, absorption, swallowing and chewing, it is very beneficial to choose noodles as a baby’s complementary food. However, ordinary noodles have a single shape and simple color, so it is difficult to arouse the baby’s interest in eating. For this reason, Heyangyang baby supplementary food specially launched interesting complementary food modeling noodles, which not only improve the baby’s nutritional intake, but also add many interesting elements, which can not only arouse the baby’s interest in eating, but also exercise the baby’s perception ability. ~

[Fantastic shape, stimulate baby’s interest in learning and exploring]

Noodles are a common food in baby’s complementary food, but the common baby’s complementary food noodles on the market are straight noodles. After a long time, babies will inevitably feel monotonous and lose their desire to eat.

Compared with the normal face-to-face, He Yangyang’s interesting food supplements are shaped like circles, numbers and letters, so that the numbers and letters on the book can be transformed into delicious food on the table, from circles, from numbers 0 to 9, From letters A to Z, the shape is more interesting and eye-catching, and the exclusive small size stimulates the creativity of the baby, allowing the “knowledge” to be eaten in one bite!

[Select wheat from different origins, suitable for babies of different ages]

Raw materials are the key to a good noodle. In order to meet the needs of babies of different ages for digestion, swallowing and chewing, Heyangyang baby food supplements control the quality from the source of wheat, and select high-quality wheat from Inner Mongolia, Australia and Canada, just for babies. A better taste experience.

The tender circle noodle is selected from the high-quality Yellow River golden wheat in Hetao, Inner Mongolia. It has soft gluten and is rich in protein. The tender circle noodle made from this is soft, tender and small, easy to swallow and digest, and is suitable for babies aged 6+ months who have weak chewing ability; Australian sunshine wheat is selected for the soft number noodles, and the gluten and viscosity are more balanced. The soft number noodles made from this are smooth and light in taste, suitable for babies aged 8+ months to start chewing; the letter noodles are selected from Canadian northern wheat, and the wheat gluten and The protein content is high, and the letter noodles made from it have a soft and tough taste, which can help babies aged 12+ months strengthen their chewing and swallowing ability.

[A lot of nutrition, to meet the needs of the baby’s growth]

As a complementary food noodle, in addition to meeting the taste needs of babies at different growth stages, the nutrition cannot be ignored.

He Yang Yang’s interesting complementary food modeling noodles not only contain basic nutrients such as wheat and vegetables that babies need, allowing babies to eat a variety of nutrients in one bite. In addition, the He Yang Yang baby food supplement also strictly controls sodium, and there is no additional salt added to the shape, so that mothers can feel more at ease.

Such an “attractive” shape can not only stimulate the baby’s desire to explore, supplement multi-dimensional balanced nutrition, but also become the motivation for the baby to learn, let the baby build his own small world, are you still excited?

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