He Ling: Walking on the field of hope

He Ling: Walking on the field of hope

In the early spring, when you walk into Heling Village, Nuoliang Township, Cangyuan County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, which is located in the frontier, the rolling hills interweave with the green tea gardens, like green jade belts criss-crossing the mountains and fields, outlining a picture of beauty picture scroll.

In recent years, the Yunnan Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) has been in close contact with Heling Village, the contact point for rural revitalization, and appointed the first secretary to the village to actively cooperate with the “two committees” of the village. Explore and walk out a road of industrial development and prosperity that is “led by the party building, combined with tea and tourism, and rejuvenated the border and enriched the people”.

Use the “party building +” model to find out the focus of rural governance, constantly activate the “red engine”, so that the leading role of grassroots party organizations can be fully exerted, do a good job in various connections, increase industrial development, and promote the work to go deeper real walk…

Nowadays, walking through the vast land of Heling, vigorous vitality and vitality are surging everywhere, and this field of hope is full of hope.

  Industry blooms to enrich neighbors

Bao Jianming, a boy from the Wa nationality, is currently facing a difficult matter. Bao Hongwei, who has the same trouble as him, is a well-known “entrepreneur” in the village.

A few years ago, after traveling abroad for many years, they made the same decision—abandoning the bustling city and returning to Heling, the birthplace, with longing for the future.

Bao Jianming chooses tea to make a fuss, while Bao Hongwei breeds mountain chickens. After a lot of hard work, the products of both of them have been exported to Shandong, Shanghai and other places.

A pair of skillful hands flew up and down, and the emerald green tea fell into the bamboo basket of the tea farmer. Heling tea has a long history of planting and is of good quality, with a total of 3679 mu of tea gardens.

Through tea plantation, Heling’s industrial business card has been formed, attracting external tea companies to move in, further enhancing the industrial development capability, and tea has become a pillar industry in the village.

Taking party members as the main force to drive the participation of the masses, He Ling vigorously promoted the mechanization of tea management and protection agriculture through the tea cooperatives, and mechanically picked fresh leaves to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

While the tea cooperatives realize unified purchase and sales, the management of the cooperatives, mainly composed of party members, promotes and improves the knowledge and technology of tea planting, picking, and processing, solidifies working habits, and develops market sales.

Heling optimizes the operation mode of “party branch + company + cooperative + farmer”. With the help of CTC tea factory, it improves the tea garden management ability and tea planting technology of village-level tea cooperatives, contacts the market to improve sales ability, and improves dry tea processing technology.

In order to actively promote the upgrading of the tea industry, China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch invested 300,000 yuan as the start-up capital of the Heling Tea Cooperative, so that the tea garden can maximize its economic benefits.

Seeing the development prospects of Heling tea leaves, Bao Jianming, a post-90s generation who had been working abroad for ten years, returned to the village. With the tea-making skills he learned abroad, he established a tea factory and started handcrafts with Heling tea leaves as raw materials. Tea.

In the past, the fresh leaves grown by the villagers could only be handed over to other tea factories as red crushed tea, which could not be sold at a high price. However, handmade tea has higher added value. to 4.5 yuan.

Bao Jianming, who returned to his hometown to start a business, not only earned money for himself, but also increased the income of the surrounding people. What is even more touching is that he also unreservedly taught and shared tea making technology and tea sales channels to everyone, driving more people to grow tea.

By actively exploring the transfer of tea gardens and land, actively cultivating and strengthening new types of farmers as business entities, and developing cooperatives, He Ling is exploring a development path of resource intensification, labor organization, and industrial scale.

Today’s Heling takes advantage of resources and leverages the brand effect driven by enterprises to form an optimized allocation of tea and a diversified business pattern, which improves the level of industrial development.

At present, the tea industry mechanism of Heling not only realizes the provision of high-quality processing raw materials for enterprises, but also effectively increases the income of the masses, solves the worries of the masses for sales, and further enhances the development motivation of the masses to grow tea.

In 2022, the fresh leaf output of the whole village will be 810 tons, realizing an output value of 5.67 million yuan. The annual fresh leaf production will increase by 180 tons, which will effectively drive 388 tea farmers to increase their income. “.

  Get rich with confidence

“Brother Li, are you back from the field? You must pay attention to safety when driving a tractor!” Liu Shengwei, the first village secretary and team leader of Heling Village, China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch, has been stationed in the village for more than a year and has become one with the villagers.

“Secretary Liu is very interesting. He even delivered the motorcycle from Kunming to Heling. He rode the motorcycle to the villagers’ homes every day, helping the villagers to get rich and find ways to increase their income.” After going back and forth, the villagers knew this interesting story .

This motorcycle with a cloud A license plate shuttles through the villages and alleys every day, carrying Liu Shengwei to devote himself to the work of rural revitalization.

“No problem, we will deliver the goods right away.” Putting down his mobile phone, Bao Hongwei quickly packed the mountain nest eggs needed by the customer and sent them to Shanghai. They drink mountain spring water and eat grass seeds and wild vegetables… More than 10,000 mountain chickens are raised in the mountains and forests to ensure that the products are absolutely green and ecological. Therefore, the eggs with “strong earthy taste” are favored by customers, and the annual sales have reached four or five. Thousands of pieces.

Heling with good forest vegetation has a warm climate, which is very suitable for mountain chicken breeding. With the help of Liu Shengwei, Bao Hongwei drove the nearby villagers to get rich by raising mountain chickens.

Bao Jianming wanted to increase the production capacity of tea, and Bao Hongwei wanted to expand the scale of farming. Due to financial and other factors, both of them encountered obstacles in making their businesses bigger and stronger.

The general party branch and the village committee of Heling Village have listed them as key supporters for getting rich. At present, Bao Hongwei’s mountain chicken breeding project has been successfully selected into the county’s rural revitalization project library.

While solidifying basic industries, China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch contributed funds to help Heling establish a planting and breeding industry mutual aid mechanism to effectively solve the plight of farmers who have no investment funds, no technology, and difficult sales, and help the village collective economy grow.

For farmers who are unable to purchase chicks due to temporary financial difficulties or information blockage, the village provides services such as breeding and epidemic prevention through mutual aid funds, and signs breeding and recycling sharing agreements with farmers. The plight of households without development funds.

For farmers who have no surplus labor force or no breeding technology, the method of investing in industry support funds or “livestock” as shares is adopted, and the cooperative will replace the farmers for breeding, and the income generated will be distributed to the farmers at the end of the year.

Give full play to the role of cooperatives as a link to closely link purchases, breeding, and market sales with the actual needs of poverty-stricken households, realize information interaction and risk sharing, and effectively drive poverty-stricken people to develop and become rich.

  Rural Revitalization Reveals a New Look

In order to keep nostalgia in the countryside, the local culture must be revitalized. He Ling is taking active measures to promote the deep integration of rural revitalization and rural cultural revitalization, and accelerate the construction of rural revitalization strategies.

“The glory of the party shines in all directions, and shines on the border villages of Wa Mountain. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the environment is beautiful, the roads are connected to the villages, and every family lives in a new house. Pieces of tea gardens turn over golden slopes…” Under the blue sky, on the field stage, singing accompanied by cheerful The music blows with the wind.

Roll up your trouser legs to work, put down the farm tools to perform, the ridge of the field is the stage, and the villagers play the leading roles. This is the national art team formed by He Ling. They are farmers, but they get together because of a common ideal.

After receiving the performance task, Bao Xiong and Zhao Hongzhong, two young people in their 20s, drove back to the village in a car early in the morning to participate in the cultural performance.

The two partnered to open a barber shop in the village, and the income would be three or four hundred yuan less if it was not open for a day. “It’s nothing to lose a little money, but we have the responsibility and obligation to better inherit and carry forward the national culture.”

A small national cultural and art team stimulates the great power of national unity. Zhao Guoxiang is the inheritor of provincial farming customs and culture. With the joint efforts of him and other members of the art team, the art team relies on the folks of the Wa people and is rooted in the traditional culture of the Wa people. Voice and care, bring joy, new literature and art, and new life to the masses.

From October 2nd to 4th, 2022, Heling Doudong Natural Village held the barraoke mountain farming culture experience exhibition, which ignited the holiday passion of tourists. People competed to experience the characteristic farming culture, appreciate the singing and dancing of the Wa people, and taste the mountain food.

Every morning, the people of Heling hold a cultural display of farming and labor on the stage set up in the mountains. Daily farming scenes such as threshing millet, raising millet, shoveling ridges, and harvesting seedlings fully demonstrate the hardworking, industrious and simple farming spirit of the Awa people.

Through the form of the national art team, He Ling has continuously enriched the experience of farming culture, improved the quality of tourism, tapped the cultural connotation of the Wa people, built a brand of Wa people’s farming culture, and further promoted the construction of a modern border happy village.

In view of the shortcomings in development, with the help of China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch, Heling Village has continuously adjusted and improved the construction project of a modern border happy village, combining project planning with the needs of the masses, and Heling’s resource advantages, The combination of infrastructure, national culture and social undertakings.

Focusing closely on the construction of a modern border happy village and the overall planning of a green and beautiful countryside, Heling is actively integrating into the overall planning of tourism in the whole region while constantly exploring and developing new forms of tea-tourism integration to create a beautiful village.

At the same time, China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch and Heling Village worked together to play a “game of chess” to stimulate the vitality of party members and the masses. The rural ecology and living environment have been significantly improved, and efforts have been made to create a “village in the green, people in the scenery” A new picture scroll of green and beautiful villages.

In line with the concept of inheriting the local culture and focusing on the charm of the countryside, Heling also highlights the rural characteristics and pastoral scenery, and systematically plans to promote the construction of green and beautiful countryside.

In the process of improving the living environment and building a green and beautiful village, He Ling has always adhered to the typical leading method, fully exploited its own advantages, and took the lead in building Gongbo Natural Village and Doudong Natural Village into green and beautiful villages, which has become a bright new business card of He Ling.

Walking into Gongbo and Doudong Natural Village, the clean and wide roads, the flowers blooming first, and the small green plants in front of and behind the houses of every house come into view, just like walking into a beautiful landscape painting.

Adhering to the main theme of “red card + farm brand”, He Ling closely connects the red spirit with farming culture, and creates a happy new life in inheriting red and weaving green.

The goal of Heling is to rely on project construction to continuously improve the quality of tourism village projects, plan and implement a number of cultural tourism projects, bring tea with tourism, and continuously improve the overall image of Heling’s tea-tourism integration development, boosting the beauty of the village, the development of the village, and the increase in the income of the masses .

Adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and solidly promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organizations… The blueprint for rural revitalization described in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is exciting.

On this hopeful road of rural revitalization, China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch will continue to strengthen the leadership of party building, explore the deep integration of party building and rural revitalization, and help to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and boost rural revitalization. The development of various industries is escorted, singing the song of happiness of the Awa people in the new era.

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