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Happy Twist Movie “Super Family” Tianjin road show “Bei Er Geng”

Happy Twist Movie “Super Family” Tianjin road show “Bei Er Geng”


Directed by Song Yang and starring Allen and Shen Teng, the happy twist fantasy comedy “Super Family” will be released nationwide on July 21, and pre-sales are currently in full swing. Today, the third stop of the national road show of the movie “Super Energy Sends Happiness, Laughing from North to South” came to Tianjin, the hometown of comedy. Director Song Yang, starring Alan, Shen Teng, and Bai Lina came to the scene to interact happily with audience friends. As one of the cities with a strong sense of humor, the audience friends in Tianjin are enthusiastic and funny. After watching the movie, they shouted “too funny”, which made the audience laugh heartily. There is also Bai Lina, who has always been called “Sister Dali”, but she can’t escape being called “Sister” even when she comes to Tianjin. Facing Tianjin friends who are super talented in comedy, Allen said frankly, “Our Tianjin friends are satisfied, and our hearts are at ease. Thank you for your love.”

The atmosphere at the scene was very hot, and everyone was a master of burden shaking. The fans who had a happy twist deliberately took a handsome photo of Alan Shen Teng when he was young, and teased the two to see what “the passage of time” is. Shen Teng replied in seconds, “Take her microphone.” This time and again, the master’s tricks caused the audience to burst into laughter. There was also an old fan who became acquainted with Happy Twist because of director Song Yang. After watching Song Yang’s play “The Iron Fist of Shame” in the theater in 2014, he fell in love with Happy Twist. The audience bluntly said that he likes the fantasy style of the movie “fairy tale sense”, and the director also shared his creative journey with heart, “It is precisely because of doing that drama that I found that I like things with a sense of fantasy, so I will use it in my creation. The combination of comedy and fantasy is still groping forward, I hope everyone likes it.”

 Song Yang and Allen interact happily, and Shen Teng is called “bad uncle” by Ren Sinuo

Foreign students in Tianjin dialect praise the movie as “good-looking”

“It’s very suitable for relaxing and decompressing with family and mouth during summer vacation.” The audience in Tianjin expressed their gratitude to the director for creating a “fairy tale world”. Allen’s performance this time was also highly praised by the audience as “impressive”. At the event site, a young actor Ren Sinuo, who had collaborated with Shen Teng in the movie “Man Jianghong”, once watched Shen Teng’s performance in “My Fathers and Me”, once commented on him as “Uncle Robot”, when he was asked again today When asked what type of “uncle” Shen Teng was, Ren Sinuo said childlikely, “He’s a badass uncle with yellow hair”, amusing the audience.

When watching the movie, there was continuous high-decibel laughter from the audience, and many international friends came to watch the movie. A foreign student was pleasantly surprised when he opened his mouth, and lamented his movie-watching experience in Tianjin dialect, “It looks good”. The other directly popped out a Northeast dialect, “The thief is funny”, expressing that he is very satisfied with the movie. Shen Teng was even more witty, teasing Bai Lina, who played the “Dali” sister, “Look, your Mandarin is better than us.”


  The old fans of Happy Twist have become excellent because of Shen Teng, and they must have both appearance and talent

Brought by her daughter to watch the movie, the mother laughed and said it was “the happiest birthday present”

An old fan of Happy Twist at the event said that he has been supporting “Charlotte Annoyance” in 2005 until now. To become outstanding, I hope to be good-looking and talented like Brother Teng.” Shen Teng was moved and replied, “Thank you, I am ashamed.” Another audience member said that being able to come to the road show today was a surprise prepared by his daughter, “My daughter specially bought tickets for me in advance, and I am very happy after watching the movie. Received the best birthday present”.

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